The DLC Of 2014

by Bryan Vore on Dec 10, 2014 at 01:15 PM

Add-on content and expansions can take a game you already love and give it longer legs. Just like core games themselves, DLC ranges from great to not-so-great. One thing that is consistent, however, is how difficult it can be to keep track of. The games themselves end up in "best of" lists or top selling charts, but DLC can come and go under the radar even for people actively trying to keep track of it. To remedy this problem, we've decided to round up all the significant DLC of the year in one place. We'll mostly steer away from smaller add-ons like costumes and booster packs in favor of new missions, stories, and maps. Some DLC in the list is for games that released in 2013, but if the DLC came out this year then it gets a spot. Read on for an alphabetical listing of all the important DLC of the year.

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Alien: Isolation
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC 

Official Descriptions:

Season Pass
Get five add on packs as they become available to download. All Season Pass content will be available by March 2015.

Last Survivor
As Ellen Ripley, it is down to you to complete the last mission on board the Nostromo. The rest of the crew are dead. In a desperate bid to survive you must set the ship’s self-destruct and attempt to reach the escape shuttle.

Crew Expendable (Read impressions)
This additional content sees the original crew reunited aboard the Nostromo. Brett and Kane are dead; alongside Ash and Lambert, it is now down to you as Dallas, Parker or Ellen Ripley, to find a way to isolate the Alien and overcome the terror that confronts them.

Corporate Lockdown (More details)
This pack features three all-new maps for Survivor Mode, a time-based challenge to test your skills. Can you evade the Alien for long enough to survive or will you try to take the Alien head-on?

  • Three new maps, stretching from the Corporate Penthouse to the Medlabs. 
  • New playable character Ransome gives you the firepower to take the fight to your enemies. 
  • Upload your best times to the Alien: Isolation leaderboards and challenge the world. 

Trauma (Watch video)
This pack features three all-new maps for Survivor Mode, a time-based challenge to test your skills.Face off against a range of enemies across the medical bays of Sevastopol station. Will you evade, distract or confront them? You'll have to act fast if you want to survive.

  • Three new maps, including a claustrophobic scramble through the Sevastopol vents.
  • Play as Chief Medical Officer Lingard and get faster access to Medikits and distraction IEDs.
  • Destroy any trace of your research and save the survivors on the station.

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

This content was originally released in 2013 as DLC for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. In February, Ubisoft released a standalone version.

Official Description:
"Born a slave, Adéwalé found freedom as a pirate aboard Edward Kenway’s ship, the Jackdaw. 15 years later, Adéwalé has become a trained Assassin who finds himself shipwrecked in Saint-Domingue without weapons or crew. He now has to acquire a ship and gather his own crew to free the slaves and avenge them. Over three hours of new single-player gameplay."

Game Informer's take:
"If only for the opportunity to play as Adéwalé, Freedom Cry is worth checking out. On one hand, getting more of the same content is disappointing. On the other, that content is what made Black Flag fun in the first place, so getting more of it isn’t exactly damning." – Joe Juba

Batman: Arkham Origins 
PS3, 360, PC

Arkham Origins also released on Wii U, but the Cold, Cold Heart DLC was cancelled for that platform due to lack of demand.

Official Descriptions:

Initiation (Watch trailer)
"Travel back to the days before there was a Batman and take control of a young Bruce Wayne as he completes his martial arts training. Experience exotic locales including a bamboo forest and mountain-top monastery. This pack contains Bruce Wayne and Vigilante skins, four challenge maps, and a challenge campaign." 

Cold, Cold Heart (Watch trailer)
"Return to Gotham City to ring in the New Year, Arkham Origins style. When the CEO of GothCorp is kidnapped by Mr. Freeze, Batman sets out to bring him to justice. Along the way, he will uncover the tragic history of his new enemy, prompting our hero to attempt the impossible: save the victim and the villain. Hours of narrative-driven gameplay and new open world content await." 

Battlefield 4
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

Battlefield 4's multiplayer expansions started in December 2013 with China Rising and will conclude at some point this year with the fifth expansion Final Stand. These packs can be purchased separately or as part of Battlefield Premium.

Official Descriptions:

China Rising (Watch trailer)

  • Take the fight to the east and dominate on four exotic, all-new multiplayer maps: Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass.
  • Jump into your jet or heli and dominate the dogfights in the Air Superiority game mode, where two teams fight for control of the skies.
  • The fan-favorite Dirt Bike makes a triumphant return in China Rising, and the new Bomber lets you bring massive destruction from above.

Second Assault (Watch trailer)

  • Destroy the ceilings of the flooded Operation Metro. Bring down the communications tower of the new Caspian Border. Create flammable hazards on Operation Firestorm and dodge Gulf of Oman’s sand storm. Second Assault pushes the fan-favorites to their limits.
  • With five weapons re-mastered for Battlefield 4, the return of the Dune Buggy vehicle, 10 new assignments, and the Capture the Flag game mode, Second Assault combines familiar grounds with all-new features.
  • Caspian Border is a true Battlefield 4 classic, and in Second Assault the map has been redesigned with Frostbite 3 graphics, Levolution moments, and a breath-taking autumn setting.

Naval Strike (Impressions and trailer)

  • Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. These four all-new maps set in the South China Sea are designed for intense naval action among shipping docks, fishing villages, and rocky islands.
  • An homage to Battlefield 2142's Titan mode, the Carrier Assault mode, challenges you to bring down a huge aircraft carrier of the enemy team by launching missiles.
  • Use the new amphibious ACV Hovercraft to travel seamlessly between land and water, and take insane shortcuts to get the upper hand in the naval battles.

Dragon's Teeth (Watch trailer)

  • Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market, and Lumpini Garden. These four all-new maps are designed for urban combat among modern high rises, pristine parks, bustling alleyways, a floating restaurant, and grey concrete.
  • Dragon's Teeth introduces the new Chain Link game mode, that brings another layer of depth and strategy to the multiplayer mayhem. Act fast and link together capture points to secure the win.
  • Among the new gadgets in Dragon's Teeth is the R.AW.R., a controllable unmanned ground vehicle armed with a machine gun and grenade launcher.

Final Stand (Watch trailer)

  • Final Stand moves the fight into the grand Russian wintry landscape as the war closes in on its epic conclusion. Beyond the frozen bays and beneath the snow lies secret military installations filled with high-tech prototype weapons, gadgets and vehicles radically changing the face of the battle.

BioShock Infinite
PS3, 360, PC

For those interested, an arena combat DLC also released called "Clash in the Clouds." The real meat for BioShock fans is in the two-part Burial at Sea episodes, which released several months apart.

Burial at Sea – Episode One 

Official Description:
Come back to Rapture in a story that brings Booker and Elizabeth to the underwater city on the eve of its fall from grace. Developed by Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite, this DLC features Rapture as you’ve never seen it before – a shining jewel at the bottom of the ocean, built almost entirely from scratch in the BioShock Infinite engine. The combat experience has been rebalanced and reworked with a greater emphasis on stealth and resource management to give the player a combat experience that merges the best parts of BioShock and BioShock Infinite. It includes a new weapon, an old favorite weapon from the original BioShock as well as the return of the weapon wheel, a new plasmid, new gear, and tears. Explore the city when it was at the height of its beauty, meet some old “friends,” and make some new ones, all through the eyes of Booker DeWitt. Why are Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture? What was the city like before everything fell to pieces? The answers to these questions and more will be found in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 1. 

Game Informer's Take:
"On one hand, I’m thankful Irrational Games took this unconventional approach to DLC. Instead of re-using all of the same assets from Infinite, the team recreated Rapture and found a way to meld successful elements from several games in the series. On the other hand, the additions are minimal at best, leaving players to go through the same motions with a different backdrop." – Joe Juba

Burial at Sea – Episode Two

Official Description:
See the world through Elizabeth’s eyes in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two. Set immediately after the conclusion of Burial at Sea – Episode One, this final episode puts you in the role of Elizabeth as she journeys through Rapture in an effort to rescue the little sister she abandoned. Developed by Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite, this continuation of the Burial at Sea saga features parts of Rapture you’ve never seen before, includes modified stealth-oriented gameplay that brings you new weapons and plasmids, and involves nearly every major character from the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite. 

Game Informer's Take:
"This episode concludes the Burial at Sea story arc, which is one of the highlights of the whole experience. I don’t want to ruin anything, so I’ll just say that fans of the series will enjoy the returning characters and the way the worlds of Rapture and Columbia intertwine."— Joe Juba

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
PS3, 360, PC 

Official Descriptions:

Season Pass
Featuring more characters, challenges, and missions. Buy the Season Pass and get all four pieces of add-on content for the price of three. All Season Pass content will be available by October 2015.

Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack (Watch trailer)
Play as everyone’s favorite maniacal tyrant-in-training…or at least his body double. With the Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack, use the power of your good looks and charm to distract your enemies into submission. Or, just cut them down to size with your witty banter. Or just shoot them. That works too.

Call of Duty: Ghosts
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

The four Ghosts expansion packs all contain four new multiplayer maps and an episode of the Extinction co-op mode. The first two packs also include new weapons. The DLC is available in a season pass or individually.

Official Descriptions:

Onslaught (Watch trailer)

  • Fog: A dark and eerie campsite set alongside a fog-shrouded lake – inspired by classic horror films. Fog also harbors a dark secret… 
  • BayView: Set on a coastal Californian boardwalk, BayView is a small, tight, fast-paced run-and-gun map. Look out for deadly artillery strikes from a Naval Destroyer anchored offshore. 
  • Containment: This smaller-sized map is set along a dry riverbed in a war-torn South American village. At the heart of the map is a small bridge with a truck containing leaking radioactive material. 
  • Ignition: Inspired by Scrapyard – the fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map – Ignition drops players into an aging space launch facility in Florida.
  • Maverick: A dual-purpose assault rifle/sniper rifle. 
  • Extinction - Episode 1: Nightfall: The first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative. At a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the “Alien” threat. When the scientists lose control, a small team of elite soldiers must retrieve the intel and exterminate hordes of savage creatures while surviving a three-story tall terror unlike anything they’ve faced before. 

Devastation (Watch trailer)

  • Ruins: A mountaintop Mayan ruin overrun by the jungle, Ruins’ skyline is dominated by an ominous volcano on the brink of eruption.
  • Behemoth: Situated on a massive bucket-wheel excavator (BWE), one of the largest vehicles ever created, Behemoth is a narrow, multi-level map.
  • Collision: Having collided with a New York bridge, the resulting wreckage of this cargo ship provides the setting for Collision. 
  • Unearthed: Inspired by Dome, the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Unearthed drops players at the heart of an alien dig site. 
  • The Ripper: Providing players with two different configurations: medium to short-range capability as a Sub Machine-Gun (SMG), and medium to long-range as an Assault Rifle (AR). This unique 2-in-1 weapon has the ability to switch from SMG to AR and back again on the fly in the midst of battle.
  • Extinction - Episode 2: Mayday: In the aftermath of Episode 1: Nightfall, the Quick Reaction Force team is sent in to investigate a high-tech ghost ship adrift in the South Pacific. 

Invasion (Watch trailer)

  • Departed: A medium-sized map set in a rural Mexican town amidst the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) celebration.
  • Pharaoh: In an archeological site of an Egyptian palace this medium-sized map includes a collapsing monument, urns full of flesh-eating scarabs, and other surprises. 
  • Mutiny: Set in a cove on a Caribbean island. Mutiny comes packed with “treasures” for you to discover. 
  • Favela: Favela is a refreshed version of the fan-favorite MW 2 map. 
  • Extinction - Episode 3: Awakening: Descend into the perilous depths of an alien underworld. There you will encounter new Cryptids: Gargoyles, Bombers, and Mammoths that guard the Ancestors’ lair.

Nemesis (Watch trailer)

  • Goldrush: An abandoned gold mine’s intricate network of narrow tunnels and perilous shafts create the ideal setting for medium to close range combat.
  • Subzero: Set in a Canadian submarine base that has inexplicably been evacuated, with the control room, submarine pen, and research facilities left eerily empty.
  • Dynasty: A Chinese lakeside village surrounded by picturesque mountains.
  • Showtime: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's “Shipment” re-imagined as a futuristic death arena.
  • Extinction - Episode 4: Exodus: Following your dramatic escape in Episode 3: Awakening, and the successful recovery of Dr. Cross and the cortex, your CIF Unit has flown in to help fight off the Cryptid army laying siege to the last bastion of human resistance. 

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
PS3, 360, PC

This sequel wasn't quite as well received as the first Lords of Shadow, but playing as Alucard sounds cool.

Revelations (Watch trailer)

Official Description:
Play as Alucard in this extensive add on for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The immersive story is expanded further as new branches of the plot are uncovered, along with rich new environments and challenging puzzles. Fight creatures of darkness and discover the true extent of Alucard’s involvement in Dracula’s story, his deal with death, and his fight against Satan. Experience a whole new aspect of the thrilling conclusion to the Lords of Shadow saga, including some enlightening revelations!

Child of Light
PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, 360, PC, Vita 

The Golem’s Plight Pack (Read full game review)

Official Description:
The Golem's Plight Coffer contains the Golem quest, which unlocks another powerful ally to fight alongside Aurora. Also included in the pack are the unique, powerful Erin's Stone and a pack of smaller Rough oculi: three Blue, three Red and three Green.

Company of Heroes 2

Relic is taking care of both multiplayer and single-player fans in Western Front and the upcoming Ardennes Assault.

Official Descriptions:

The Western Front Armies (Watch trailer):
The first Standalone Multiplayer release for Company of Heroes 2. The focus shifts back to the Western Front, depicting some of the most brutal fighting of World War II in the darkest days of the conflict. The addition of the U.S. Forces and the German Oberkommando West brings two entirely unique factions that will forever change the shape of multiplayer combat. Each Army has distinctive tactical gameplay options, new infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities and upgrades on a total of eight seasonal multiplayer maps set on the Western Front. The Western Front Armies also includes a new progression system that introduces other unique content into the game and enables players to dive deeper into the tactical and strategic aspects of the game than ever before.

Ardennes Assault (Watch trailer)
Inspired by the conflict that Winston Churchill once described as “undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war” – the Battle of the Bulge. The new campaign content will see players take control of the U.S. Forces in this pivotal World War II battle in the densely forested, strategically critical Ardennes region of Western Europe. They will face huge tactical and navigational challenges as they strive to repel a surprise attack from the relentless German Oberkommando West forces in 18 brand new, single-player scenarios. Available on November 18, 2014.

The Crew
PS4, Xbox One, 360, PC

Official Descriptions:

Season Pass (Watch video)
Provides players with access to add-on content including two exclusive cars at launch. Players will also receive early access to each of the four car packs one week in advance, including new stickers and tuning kits. The first of four themed car packs, new missions, new stickers, and tuning kits will start rolling out to players in January 2015, with new PvP modes to follow shortly thereafter. With the release of each add-on content pack included with the Season Pass, there will be new missions corresponding with each pack’s theme available to all players free of charge. New customization options, paint jobs, rims, interiors, and tuning specs will also be available from the in-game store.

  • Two exclusive cars – McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Speciale, available to Season Pass holders at launch. 
  • One-week early access to all add-on car packs. 
  • Official paint jobs and rims for each car. 
  • Exclusive stickers delivered with each pack.

Four packs, 12 cars total: 

  • Extreme Car Pack available January 2015, including performance cars perfect for exhilarating high-octane missions. 
  • Speed Car Pack available February 2015, including sports cars finely tuned for speed racing. 
  • Vintage Car Pack available March 2015, including vintage rides fashionable for missions set in iconic American locales. 
  • Raid Car Pack available April 2015, including off-road vehicles recommended for missions on various types of terrain. 

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Next: Head to page two for DLC info on games starting with "D" through "H."

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Dark Souls II
PS3, 360, PC 

DLC consists of three additional chapters in the Lost Crowns Trilogy. Installments can be purchased individually or as part of a season pass.

Crown of the Sunken King

Official Description:
Embark on a journey to reclaim a crown that Drangleic’s King Vendrick once owned. This perilous quest will lead you through an entirely different world within the Dark Souls II universe, where stepped pyramids span a vast underground cavern. It is said that one of the ancient crowns lay buried deep within these dark caverns; but surely such a valued item cannot sit unguarded. Explore in search of a crown that holds the strength of lords from times long past.

Game Informer's Take:
"It provides 4-6 hours of additional content deep below the Black Gulch, giving players three new areas to explore. These new surroundings make particularly good use of vertical space, twisting environments, and deadly traps. Travel is exceptionally dangerous, since walls meshing together can throw off even expert players, leaving their exact location hard to pinpoint." – Daniel Tack

Crown of the Old Iron King

Official Description:
Includes all-new stages, maps, boss characters, weapons & armor. In this second DLC, players will find themselves in a world shrouded in ash. Can you find and recover the lost crown?

Watch us play through Crown of the Old Iron King in our Chronicles video series.

Crown of the Ivory King

Official Description:
Includes all-new stages, maps, boss characters, weapons & armor. In this third DLC, players will find themselves in a world shining bright with the glow of treacherous ice. Can you find and recover the lost crown?

View screenshots

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
PS3, 360

This game has an absolutely absurd amount of alternate costumes. We decided to filter our list down to just the new fighters.

Official Descriptions:

Marie Rose
Systema is a military form of combat that emphasizes constant fluidity of movement. Marie Rose uses this and her small frame to her advantage to outmaneuver opponents with a variety of tricky moves. 

Phase 4
Based on Kasumi’s Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu with added improvements, the exact nature of which are highly classified. Every aspect of this human weapon is veiled in a black mist of secrecy. 

Nyotengu: (Watch trailer)
Her haunting beauty belies an incredible strength, which along with her ability to fly and attack from midair, makes her a formidable opponent. She practices Tengu-do, a unique Japanese martial art passed down since ancient times. 

Dead Rising 3
Xbox One, PC

On the Xbox One season pass, the first four DLC packs were bundled into The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos. In June, Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α was announced and released on the same day. It is not part of the season pass. All four of the untold stories will be included in the PC version of Dead Rising 3 when it releases on September 5.

Official Descriptions:

  • Operation Broken Eagle (More info): Puts you in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane on a mission that challenges everything he believes to capture the missing President of the United States while battling the zombie apocalypse. This side story features a new mission, new weapons, new vehicle, and more. 
  • Fallen Angel (Watch trailer): An all-new character fights to keep her group of survivors safe from a sinister government plot while battling the zombie apocalypse. This side story features a new mission and an all-new collection of over-the-top weapons, a new vehicle, a new clothing outfit, Gamerscore, and PP (experience points) – all of which carry back to the main game.
  • Chaos Rising (More info): Puts you in control of renegade biker, Hunter Thibodeux, who must escape from prison, seek revenge and fight for control of his gang. This new side story features a new mission, zombie-slaying weapons, over-the-top vehicles and more – all of which carry back to the main game.
  • The Last Agent: Features Brad Park, a dedicated ZDC agent who must discover the terrible truth behind the zombie outbreak, and includes new weapons and content that can be carried back to your main game.

Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α

Official Description:
An all new 4-player co-op mode for Dead Rising 3! Cosplay as your favorite Capcom characters and use their special abilities to save Los Perdidos.

Game Informer's Take:
"With the latest Dead Rising 3 DLC, the action is viewed through the CRT filter of an old arcade machine. Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α is a winking romp through Capcom's back catalog that has charm to spare, but relies too much on the grind."—Jeff Cork

PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360 

Official Descriptions:

The Dark Below (Full details)

  • New weapons, armor, and gear
  • Maximum light level raised to 32
  • New cooperative strike
  • 3 new multiplayer arenas
  • New story missions
  • New six-player raid

House of Wolves
Coming spring 2015

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

This Diablo III expansion released first on PC in March and is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and 360 as part of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition.

Official Description:
The Prime Evil rages within the Black Soulstone, its essence screaming for vengeance and release. Before the artifact can be sealed away forever, Malthael – Angel of Death – manifests in the mortal realms with a deadly new purpose: to steal the Black Soulstone and bend its infernal power to his will. So begins the end of all things… 

Game Informer's Take:
"... One of the most significant turnarounds in gaming. Out of the ashes of a boring, auction house-centric grind comes a dynamic and addictive system that encourages grouping and rewards players with continual upgrades and challenges. Almost every facet that players rightly attacked in the original game has been refined and revamped, transforming the title into an enjoyable action/RPG experience." – Daniel Tack 

Don’t Starve
PS4, PC 

Reign of Giants

Official Description: (Watch Trailer)
Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants is an expansion pack that adds new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and other challenges to Don’t Starve. The entire world of Don’t Starve has been expanded and is now even more uncompromising! New mysteries, challenges, and scientific innovations await your discovery. Manage your resources well, because the wilderness of Don’t Starve has learned some new tricks.

The Evil Within
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

Official Description:

Season Pass (More info)
The Evil Within Season Pass will allow you to experience survival horror from a new perspective. In the first add-on, assume the role of The Keeper (aka Boxman) in a sadistic collection of mission-based maps. The second and third add-ons take you further down a path of madness in a two-part, story-driven experience in the role of Juli Kidman -- Sebastian Castellanos' mysterious partner from The Evil Within. Encounter unthinkable enemies and new areas that reveal hidden motives and harrowing evil.

Fantasia: Music Evolved
Xbox One, 360

Fantasia's DLC offerings are quite flexible. Players can purchase all of the following individually or in one giant pack. There is also an option for new customers to buy the core game and all the DLC in a single Deluxe Digital Bundle. (More info)

Official Descriptions:

DLC Collection Bundle
This bundle features the entire 18 song DLC collection where you can remix new tracks and build up your song library.

Expansion Packs Bundle  
This bundle features the Rock, Pop and Dance expansion packs which add additional mixes to enhance a selection of core game songs.


  • “As Long As You Love Me” - Justin Bieber 
  • “Stay The Night” - Zedd (feat. Hayley Williams) 
  • “Spoonman” - Soundgarden 
  • “You Make Me” - AVICII 
  • “Just Like Heaven” - The Cure 
  • “Let It Go” - Demi Lovato 
  • “DONE” - The Band Perry 
  • “Closer” - Ne-Yo 
  • “Paradise” - Coldplay 
  • “Try It Out” - Skrillex & Alvin Risk 
  • “Counting Stars” - OneRepublic 
  • “The End Of The World As We Know It” - R.E.M. 
  • “Lay Me Down” - AVICII 
  • “Burn” - Ellie Goulding 
  • “Lucky Strike” - Maroon 5 
  • “Burning Down The House” - Talking Heads 
  • “Edge Of Glory” - Lady Gaga 
  • “I Cry” - Flo Rida 

Far Cry 4
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

Official Descriptions:

Season Pass (More info)
Unlock all upcoming Far Cry 4 add-on content, including the Valley of the Yetis campaign, Overrun – a new exclusive PvP mode, plus more missions and 5 additional weapons. 

The Syringe
Available launch day exclusively for Season Pass holders, players must keep a rare and potent recipe from falling into the hands of Pagan Min’s forces. Playable in single-player and co-op, players will need to ensure that he does not use its devastating effects on the rebel forces.

Escape from Durgesh Prison
Ajay and Hurk have been rounded up and tortured in Yuma’s prison. On your own or with a friend, escape and survive the hostile lands of Pagan Min’s Kyrat.

Hurk Deluxe Pack
Five missions, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and the Hurk’s Redemption missions are available, along with an arsenal of new weapons including “The Impaler” Hurk’s harpoon gun.

Team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path in this PvP mode and control a series of neutral locations across Kyrat’s countryside to protect them from being overrun by your opponents.

Valley of the Yetis
Ajay’s helicopter has crashed on an unforgiving Himalayan ridge. Explore the frozen landscape and find tools to upgrade your camp and protect it from a dangerous cult when night falls. With single-player and co-op options, players will not be alone, but in the darkest caves players will have more to fear than the cult as the yetis await their prey… 

Forza Horizon 2
Xbox One (DLC is not supported on Xbox 360

Car Pass
This pass provides six months' worth of car packs each containing five cars. The packs can also be purchased separately. 

Mobil 1 Car Pack - October

  • 1988 BMW M5
  • 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe
  • 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
  • 1957 Maserati 300 S
  • 2013 Renault Clio RS 200
  • 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v

Falken Car Pack - November (Watch trailer)

  • 1990 Subaru Legacy RS
  • 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C
  • 2014 BMW M4 Coupe
  • 2014 Chevrolet Super Sport
  • 1988 Lamborghini Jalpa
  • 1969 Toyota 2000GT

NAPA Chassis Car Pack - December

  • 2002 Lotus Esprit V8
  • 2015 Audi RS 6 Avant
  • 1970 Buick GSX
  • 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport
  • 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged
  • 2015 McLaren 650S Coupe

Month 4 Car Pack - January

Month 5 Car Pack - February

Month 6 Car Pack - March

Forza Motorsport 5
Xbox One 

The Forza 5 Car Pass was originally going to be good for six car packs, but in May Turn 10 announced that two additional packs would be included in the Car Pass. The packs are also available separately. There are also a few free packs not shown here.

LaFerrari Car Pack

  • 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrofoglio Verde
  • 2002 Acura RSX Type-S
  • 2013 BMW M6 Coupé
  • 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
  • 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari
  • 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
  • 2002 Lotus Esprit V81987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA
  • 1989 Toyota MR2 SC

IGN Car Pack

  • 2013 Caterham Superlight R500
  • 1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage
  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG
  • 1977 Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800
  • 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409
  • 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello
  • 2008 Lamborghini Reventón
  • 1957 Ferrari 250 California
  • 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z 432
  • 1984 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16

The Smoking Tire Car Pack

  • 2013 Abarth Punto Supersport
  • 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • 1995 Audi RS 2 Avant
  • 2000 BMW Z8
  • 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS
  • 2011 Ferrari FF
  • 2004 Maserati MC12
  • 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo
  • 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air
  • 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185

Alpinestars Car Pack

  • 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde
  • 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
  • 1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
  • 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
  • 1997 Mitsubishi GTO
  • 2011 Radical SR8 RX
  • 1999 Toyota #3 Toyota Motorsports GT-ONE TS020
  • 2012 Ultima GTR720
  • 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S

Top Gear Car Pack

  • 2013 Audi RS 4 Avant
  • Chaparral 2E
  • 2011 Ford Transit SuperSportVan
  • 2013 Holden #10 Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF
  • 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha
  • 2013 Lexus GS350 F Sport
  • 1999 Lotus Elise Sport
  • 1998 Nissan R390
  • 1980 Renault 5 Turbo 2
  • 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Meguiar's Car Pack

  • 2013 BMW M Performance M3 Racing Car
  • 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
  • 1958 Aston Martin DBR1
  • 2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato (Villa d'Este)
  • 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396
  • 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe
  • 1966 Ford Lotus Cortina
  • 1973 Mazda RX-3
  • 1968 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock

Bondurant Car Pack

  • 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • 2013 Infiniti #77 Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Dallara IPS Indy Lights
  • 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ Sprint Zagato
  • 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed
  • 1975 Fiat X1/9
  • 2013 Mazda MX-5 Cup
  • 2012 MINI John Cooper Works GP
  • 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
  • 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP
  • 1980 Abarth Fiat 131

Hot Wheels Car Pack

  • 2013 Lamborghini Veneno
  • 1939 Audi Auto Union Type D
  • 1967 Lotus Type 49
  • 2013 Mazda #7 Andretti Autosport USF2000
  • 1952 Ferrari 375
  • 1974 Toyota Celica GT
  • 2015 Audi S3 Sedan
  • 1956 Ford F-100
  • 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT
  • 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500

FTL: Advanced Edition
PC, iOS 

In April, the PC version of FTL received a free update and this updated edition also debuted on iPad.

Official Description:
Content additions include: new alien race, events, weapons, playable ships, drones, and more! Also adds additional musical tracks by Ben Prunty, and events by Tom Jubert and guest writer Chris Avellone. If you already own FTL it should update the new content automatically. Advanced Edition is included free for anyone who purchases the game from this point forward.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
PC, iPad 

In July, Blizzard launched the first wing of its single-player expansion for Hearthstone, previously a multiplayer-only game. The following wings released in five consecutive weeks.

Curse of Naxxramas (Watch us play)

Official Descriptions:

  • Arachnid Quarter (Read our guide): Hosts undead humanoid arachnids and their masters, who are eager to eat . . . er,  meet you.
  • Plague Quarter (Read our guide): Houses some of Naxxramas’ most “catchy” bosses, who would love to infect you . . . with fun!
  • Military Quarter (Read our guide): Home to Naxxramas’s finest undead knights, ready to take on all interlopers that dare test their skills in battle. 
  • Construct Quarter: An ooze-soaked laboratory where Kel’Thuzad’s more scientifically minded minions assemble undead abominations amongst sparking tesla coils.
  • Frostwyrm Lair: The final wing of Naxxramas – home to Kel’Thuzad and his powerful undead frostwyrm, Sapphiron.

Game Informer's Take
"Naxxramas is an excellent addition to the core game, and an exploration of sorts to examine the potential for additional single-player Hearthstone content." – Daniel Tack 

Goblins vs Gnomes (Watch trailer)

Official Description:

Adds over 120 new cards to craft, win, or purchase, all featuring the manic mayhem of Azeroth’s most mischievous machinists meeting mind to mind, mech to mech, and tech to tech.

Hyrule Warriors
Wii U 

Hero of Hyrule Pack

  • Get the Dark Link costume for immediate use in game, then download the Master Quest Pack and the other three DLC packs as they become available.

Master Quest Pack (Watch trailer)

  • Ride Epona into battle when you play as Link
  • Play through 5 story episodes that lead to the cataclysmic events in the main game
  • Challenge yourself with the Master Quest Adventure Mode map
  • Outfit Cia and Lana with Guardian of Time costumes

Twilight Princess Pack (More info)

  • Play as Midna in her true form and use the Mirror of Twilight
  • Use the Copy Rod weapon when you play as Zelda
  • Try a new Adventure Mode map
  • Use new costumes for Link and Zelda

Majora's Mask Pack (January 2015)

  • 2 new playable characters
  • Additional Adventure Map
  • 3 additional costumes

Boss Pack (February 2015)

  • 2 additional game modes

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Next: Head to page three for DLC info on games starting with "I" through "R."

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Infamous: Second Son

This DLC adds-on to the content of the main game, but you don't need to own Second Son to download and play First Light.

First Light (Watch trailer)

Official Description:
Locked up in a prison for super-powered humans, Fetch is forced to relive tragedies from her past. Unravel her dark secret in Seattle while battling to escape snowy Curdun Cay and seek vengeance against those who wronged her. 

Game Informer's Take:
"Infamous First Light lacks some of the punch of Second Son in its campaign battles and familiar narrative marks, but is still a welcome addition to the series. Fetch is a fantastically written character, and the conclusion to her origin story is worth seeing in its entirety – even if you already know what happens. Sucker Punch did a phenomenal job with the finale." – Daniel Tack

Killer Instinct
Xbox One 

Microsoft's exclusive fighting game is technically all DLC. One can play the game for free with a single rotating character, buy fighters individually, or by Season Packs in which you'll get a cluster of eight characters as they launch. The game launched with six characters in November 2013, with two additional fighters releasing earlier this year. A retail version of season one released September 23. Season Two began October 15 with two fighters, T.J. Combo and Maya. Others will be added each month until another eight are on the roster.

Official Descriptions:

Season One:

  • Spinal (Watch Trailer): The immortal warrior embarks on a quest to break free from his curse.
  • Fulgore (Watch Trailer): The highly anticipated cyborg knight returns to the Killer Instinct franchise to will unleash a bevy of signature moves on his enemies.

Season Two:

  • T.J. Combo (Watch Trailer): The long-awaited heavyweight champion debuts as the first character in Killer Instinct: Season Two to seek revenge against Ultratech. Coming October 15
  • Maya (Watch Trailer): First seen back in the day in Killer Instinct 2, Maya’s fast-paced “blade juggling” combat style lets her power up her daggers the more they’re blocked, leading to increasingly devastating attacks and mixups against her opponents. You’ll need to be careful when playing her though — if she loses a blade, her powers are diminished until she can recover it.. 
  • Kan-Ra (Watch Trailer): Cursed to rot after a failed assassination attempt on his king over 2000 years ago, Kan-Ra endured for centuries by constantly balancing the curses he places on himself with the boons provided by dark magic and artifacts. His solitary goal: to gain knowledge that will grant him absolute power over all of mankind.
  • Riptor: A human-raptor hybrid. (non-official description)
  • Cinder: A dude who's permanently on fire. (non-official description)

Killzone Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games PS4 launch FPS has had a couple DLC packs this year, one for co-op and one for competitive multiplayer.

Official descriptions:

Insurgent Pack (Watch Trailer)
Hit the enemy where it hurts as the Insurgent – a lone operative trained to cause maximum disruption by stealing weapons and hacking hostile combat drones. Download this multiplayer expansion pack to go into battle as this additional character class and you’ll also get an extra ability and weapon for each of the three existing character classes to combat this unpredictable new threat. As an Insurgent you’ll start each game with just a pistol and have to build up your arsenal by stealing enemy weapons and adding them to your loadout, while you hack hostile turrets and other drones to turn them against their masters.

This pack also includes:
• Elite Mode – have you got what it takes to complete the single-player campaign with only three lives and the difficulty ramped up to the max?
• Insurgent-themed Automata skin
• Spotlight Moves pack
• Voice-over pack
• Collectible hunt – a new way to play multiplayer and get rewarded, as you hunt for limited collectibles

Join forces with up to three friends and sign up for Intelligence Squad Alpha – a crack team of specialist soldiers working behind enemy lines to intercept Helghast military transmissions. Fight as one of four classes the close-quarters Assault trooper, the mid-to-long range Marksman or the support-focused Medic or Tactician roles. Pit your squad against waves of attackers led by Helghast champions from the Killzone Shadow Fall single player campaign. This co-op action features four arena maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign. 

10th Anniversary Expansion Pack
Celebrating a decade of Killzone, the 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack offers unprecedented personalization options for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. Customize your multiplayer characters and automata with the ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ skins, change your battle chatter with the hilarious ‘Angry Veteran’ and ‘Dev Team’ voice packs, select new Player Icons from the ‘Weapons Of Shadow Fall’ and ‘Identity’ icon packs, or just get yourself one of seven brand-new crosshairs.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us has all kinds of smaller DLC options, but we narrowed it down to the major multiplayer and single-player updates. Abandoned Territories released last year, while Left Behind and Reclaimed Territories came out in February and May. All three packs are included in The Last of Us Remastered, which released in July on PS4.

Official Descriptions:

Abandoned Territories Map Pack:
Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map. Explore a layered map of urban overgrown with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map. A dark, eerie environment, moonlit and the perfect setting for some serious stealth, the Hometown map will keep you on your toes. Bookstore is the only multiplayer map featuring two levels atop one another adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay.

Reclaimed Territories Map Pack:
See how the area in Boston where Joel encountered Robert has changed into rusted-out slums in the close-quarters, perfect-for-flanking Wharf map. Also set in Boston, the Capitol map has indoor and outdoor gameplay that encourages intelligent use of flanking. Weather the dynamic snowstorm on the Coal Mine map and take advantage of spacious lines of sight and a bridge that’s perfect for snipers. The Water Tower map has two primary chokepoints and unique lighting that makes outdoor melee seem in stark contrast to the beautiful surroundings.

Left Behind:
New light is shed on Ellie’s relationship with Riley, her best friend and sometime mentor from a military boarding school they grew up in together. After disappearing for weeks, Riley returns with a surprising revelation on her whereabouts. Ellie and Riley sneak out of school for the last time, leading to a series of events that will forever change both of their lives.

Game Informer's Take:
"At around two and a half hours long, [Left Behind is] not an epic experience, but another window into Ellie's life. Instead of blunting the impact as I feared, Riley and Ellie's story adds resonance to the original game's ending. For The Last of Us fans, this is a ride well worth taking." – Matt Helgeson

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, 360

Official Descriptions: (More info)

The Season Pass will include six DLC packs each with a unique themed mission level with story and free play modes (packs also available separately). Players will be able to unlock a total of over 40 characters, vehicles, achievements and more. The Season Pass includes:

The Dark Knight Pack
Experience the heart-pounding chase scene from the iconic film complete with cool vehicles and explosive action. Play as the legendary Dark Knight and Commissioner Gordon, as well as the Joker and his goons as they chase down Harvey Dent’s police escort. Bane and Catwoman from the third film are also playable.

Man of Steel Pack
Help Jor-El, his wife Lara and their robot Kelex send the infant Superman “Kal-el” into space towards the safety of Earth as Krypton falls into chaos. Find a way inside Jor-El’s home, fight General Zod’s invading forces and battle against Zod himself to save Superman.

Batman 75th Anniversary Pack
Play as Joker and Harley Quinn, setting up a variety of celebration set pieces. Be the Dark Knight and play as some of the most iconic faces of Batman through the years, including his first appearance in Detective Comics #27.

Access to 3 additional DLC Packs

LittleBigPlanet 3
PS4, PS3

Wisely, Sony has enabled all DLC for LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2 to carry forward to the third game. There is a staggering amount of content that would be ridiculous to list in this post, but here are a few sample offerings. (More details)

Official Descriptions:

Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling
Combines the PlayStation Move controller with the world of LittleBigPlanet, and with five giant story levels and seven side levels, this is LittleBigPlanet's biggest Downloadable Content pack to date. A new suite of creative tools give you the power to create your own Move games, record fluid motions, and paint your own stickers, whilst a boatload of new stickers, materials, decorations, costumes, music, sound and sequencer objects will vastly broaden your creative palette, and make your Popit heave at the seams. Best of all, the Move Pack brings backwards compatibility with LittleBigPlanet 3, meaning you can play through all the original story levels and all seven million community levels using the Move Controller.

DC Comics Premium Level Kit
Join The Justice League And Save The Universe The Justice League has been captured. Lex Luthor and his band of super-villains plan to drain the superheroes of all their powers and take over. It’s down to Sackboy, the Justice League’s newest recruit, to free Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, if there’s any hope of saving the day. Download this Premium Level Pack to get this original superhero story, plus tons of goodies from the DC Comics universe to create your own super-powered masterpieces.

Costume Packs

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • 2000AD
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Disney Princesses
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Ghostbusters
  • Heavy Rain
  • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
  • Invizimals
  • Marvel Comics

Mario Golf: World Tour

Nintendo's portable golf game offers several new courses and characters for purchase individually or in a season pass.

Official Descriptions: (Watch Trailer)

Mushroom Pack:
Toadette takes up the clubs in the first DLC pack for the game. You'll also get two brand-new courses to play: Toad Highlands and Koopa Park. This pack will definitely grow on you.

Flower Pack:
Delicious! The Layer-Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters courses are perfect complements to each other in this pack. You'll also snag the character Nabbit.

Star Pack:
The two stellar courses in this pack will have you driving deep into Mario's Star and playing through the Rock-Candy Mines. Need even more star power? How about Rosalina as a playable character?

Mario Kart 8
Wii U

In late August, Mario Kart players received a free update including three Mercedes-Benz karts. More significant paid DLC is on the way this year and next including characters and courses from The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing.

Official Description:

Pack 1: The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8 - $7.99

  • 3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

Pack 2: Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8 (Release Date: May 2015) - $7.99

  • 3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

Pack 1 + Pack 2 Bundle - $11.99

  • 6 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link, Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser
  • 8 Vehicles
  • 16 Courses
  • As a bonus for purchasing both packs bundled or individually, buyers receive eight new colors for Yoshi and Shy Guy. Those who advance purchase both packs can begin using the Yoshi and Shy Guy characters immediately. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

Official Description:

Season Pass (More details)

  • Guardians of the Flaming Eye Exclusive Warband Mission: Face Sauron’s elite Defenders before the Black Gate and earn the Wolf's Head rune 
  • Trials of War Challenge Series: Play the full series of 4 challenge modes: Test of Power, Test of Speed, Test of Wisdom and the Endless challenge. Earn points for power, skill, speed and efficiency and build your Legend on the Leaderboards. 
  • Lord of the Hunt Story Mission: Dive deeper into Mordor’s living world and hunt the wild beasts of Mordor to earn unique runes. 
  • The Bright Lord Story Mission: Battle against Sauron as Celebrimbor, the great Elven Lord of the Second Age, to unlock powerful runes and the ability to wield the One Ring. 
  • Future content including additional Warband Missions, Runes, & Skins: Enhance your weapons with powerful Runes and customize Talion’s appearance with unique skins.

Muramasa Rebirth

This Vita port of 2009 Wii game, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, released last summer. Starting this year, the game kicked off a 4-part DLC series called Genroku Legends.

Official Descriptions:

Genroku Legends are spin-off tales from the highly acclaimed Muramasa Rebirth game that bring four new stories to the Muramasa Rebirth universe. After completing all four DLC, a special gift from Vanillaware, developers of Muramasa Rebirth, awaits players in the Genroku Legends main menu.

Fishy Tales of the Nekomata
As Okoi, you are a demon-cat with powerful claws that can rip your enemies down. If you choose, use your demon powers within to call upon a flurry of cats or even turn into a demon cat that can unleash a hurricane of destruction. Journey to reclaim the tea set and along the way seek your revenge, but beware, new bosses and enemies await, ready to tear you down.

A Cause to Daikon For
In this chapter, you'll play as the downtrodden farmer Gonbe, who has taken it upon himself to ask the powers that be to re-think the taxes that are driving his village to the brink of ruin. With the spirit of his deceased wife Otae and some of his fellow farmers by his side, Gonbe sets off to fight for nothing less than the very survival of everyone he knows and cares about. Wielding only a hoe, sickle, and a simple bamboo spear, Gonbe will do everything in his power to defeat his foes and make his voice heard.

A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting
In this chapter, you'll play as Arashimaru, a world-weary ninja who was assigned to assassinate a high-ranking samurai and steal the sacred treasure he was guarding. During his mission, the truth of his past came out into the light, unraveling the fabric of his existence and causing him to turn against his ninja clan. While trying to take out a band of ninjas sent to kill him, Arashimaru inadvertently destroys the shrine of the water goddess Inaraki, who immediately curses him to die in seven days for his act of desecration. With the clock counting down to his inescapable death, will Arashimaru be able to find vengeance and redemption before time runs out?

Hell's Where the Heart Is
You'll play as Rajyaki, the youngest daughter of Lord Enma, the ruler of Hell, as she is ordered by her father to retrieve the treasures belonging to the Gods of Fortune that she somehow managed to scatter throughout the human world. While searching for the treasures that would allow her to return to her abyssal home, Rajyaki receives an 'honest and sincere' marriage proposal from Seikichi, a lapsed monk and self-styled ladies' man. Now tasked with keeping her newly-obtained husband from straying, in addition to her quest to track down the divine trinkets she managed to 'misplace', Rajyaki is going to have a hell of a time (literally) pulling everything together so that she can return home with her beloved hubby in tow.


Official Description: (Watch Trailer)

Whistleblower will let you play as Waylon Park, a software engineer under contract with Murkoff and the man who emailed journalists around the world - including Miles - at the beginning of Outlast. Spending a couple of weeks at Mount Massive, during which he was unable to even talk to his wife and son thanks to strict security protocols, Waylon developed a deep-seated distrust of the profit-motivated scientists and doctors leading dangerous and irresponsible experiments on their patients. Identifying with those poor souls fueled Waylon's anger, and set the stage for his unmasking of Mount Massive's rotten core. Although Whistleblower tells the story that led to Outlast, it will actually stretch past the events of the first game to show the final chapter in Mount Massive Asylum's story. 

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
PS3, 360

Official Descriptions:

Tohru Adachi
Adds Tohru Adachi to the roster of playable fighters and makes Episode "Adachi" available in Story Mode. This DLC also includes Glasses and 6 colors + 2 offline-only colors for Adachi. The icons "Tohru Adachi C," "Tohru Adachi D" and "Magatsu-Izanagi" will also be available under P-Card Edit.

Adds Marie to the roster of playable fighters. This DLC also includes Glasses and 6 colors + 2 offline-only colors for Marie. The icons "Marie D," "Marie E" and "Kaguya" will also be available under P-Card Edit.

Margaret (Watch trailer)
Adds Margaret to the roster of playable fighters. This DLC also includes Glasses and 6 colors + 2 offline-only colors for Margaret. The icons "Margaret B," "Margaret C," "Cu Chulainn," "Ardha" and "Yoshitsune" will also be available under P-Card Edit.

P4A Story
Enables you to play through the story of the original Persona 4 Arena.

Additional DLC includes character items, voices, music, progression boosts, and network avatars. 

Pinball FX2/ Zen Pinball 2
PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, 360, PC, Vita, iOS, Android 

The pinball wizards at Zen Studios keep cranking out tables like there's no tomorrow. Some form of Zen's pinball series is available on all of the platforms above, but these particular tables may or may not be on all of them.

Official Descriptions:

The Walking Dead (Watch Trailer): 
With recognizable locations from Clementine’s treehouse and Everett’s pharmacy in Macon down to the walker-infested streets of Savannah, players will find a breathtaking retelling of Season One that keeps the peril and drama of Lee and Clementine’s story intact. Coming August 26.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Watch trailer):
Guardians of the Galaxy pinball brings all five members of the galaxy’s greatest crew of warriors to the pinball universe as they combat Ronan the Accuser.

Deadpool (Watch us play): 
Featuring the supreme voice talents of the one and only Nolan North as Deadpool, this table will capture the acerbic, fourth wall-crushing attitude of the character as well as feature supporting characters from the Deadpool universe.

Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within (Hands-On Impressions): 
Tables include Han Solo, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Star Wars Pinball: Droids, and Star Wars Pinball: Masters of the Force.

Super League Football (Hands-On Impressions):
You’ll side with your favorite clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus, and A.S. Roma as they square off to dominate league play in a new pinball experience.

South Park (Watch trailer)
Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters in two pinball tables inspired by everyone’s favorite mountain town. Meet characters from the TV show, like Wendy, Timmy, Jimmy, Mr. Hankey, and even ManBearPig (super cereal, you guys) and relive great moments from episodes of the show, including the Sarcastaball and Imaginationland.

Venom (Screens and more info):
The Venom pinball table features Eddie Brock as the Symbiote-empowered villain as he faces not just his mortal enemy, Spider-Man, but also the threat of his twisted offspring, Carnage. Can Venom and Spider-Man team up to defeat a greater threat?

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Next: Head to page four for DLC info on games starting with "S" through "Z."

Browse DLC by base game alphabetically: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

Sunset Overdrive
Xbox One

Season Pass (More details)
Includes the first three complete Game Add-ons for Sunset Overdrive, PLUS six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps available exclusively to Season Pass purchasers as soon as the game is released.

  • Three campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad objectives. 
  • The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal! 
  • BONUS - six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

The Mystery Of Mooil Rig (More details)
Sunset Overdrive's first story DLC takes place on an oil rig out in the ocean which is sending out a mysterious distress signal. The DLC comes included with new mechanics and abilities that will make traveling on and around the water easier. 

Super Smash Bros.
Wii U, 3DS

Players who register both the 3DS and Wii U edition of Super Smash Bros. with Club Nintendo will receive a download code for Pokémon character Mewtwo in "spring 2015." Nintendo has also confirmed that players will be able to purchase Mewtwo if they don't want to buy both games. 

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call





PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC 

The Bank Heist was a pre-order bonus and can also be purchased if you missed out.

The Bank Heist (Watch Trailer):

Official Description:
As the Master Thief, infiltrate the City’s most secure location to retrieve the coveted Hudnall family’s necklace an item all local thieves are desperate to get their hands on. None so far have managed to snatch it…Will you be able to outsmart the Bank’s security to steal this rare artifact? 

Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC

Dark Spark was not a good game. But if you happen to like Escalation mode then this will spice things up.

Dark Spark Battle Pack

Official Description:

  • Three new Decepticons for the game’s cooperative multiplayer survival mode – Escalation: Stinger, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.
  • Two powerful new weapons to add to your arsenal in Campaign or Escalation: The space-bending distortion field of the Glass Gas Cannon, which lifts opponents helplessly into the air to be picked off one by one. The Electro Bolter, which impales enemies with the unstoppable kinetic energy of a long-range harpoon.

Xbox One, 360, PC 

Respawn offers a variety of map packs and updates to keep its unique brand of multiplayer fresh.

Official Descriptions:

Expedition (Hands-On Impressions):
In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat. On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base. When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artifacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site. To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra. Introduces three new maps to the Frontier including Runoff, Swampland, and War Games.

Frontier's Edge (Watch Trailer):
In desperate need of raw materials to support Titan production at their newly established base of operations, IMC forces begin probing attacks at the edge of the Frontier, striking at smaller, lightly defended settlements. Isolated mining operations are targeted in particular for the resource rich substrate found within their dig sites. Battles at these sites spill over to the nearby port city of Export, where local Militia forces struggle to stave off the IMC. Nearly overrun, the local Militia forces fall back to the resort world of Haven and send out a distress call for help. With the First Militia Fleet still days away, the IMC forces press the attack, continuing their resurgence within the Frontier. Introduces three new maps including Dig Site, Export, and Haven.

IMC Rising:
Despite gains made in earlier conflicts, the IMC must seek every advantage they can find, given that their reinforcements from the Core Systems are still years away. In "IMC Rising ", the IMC begin recommissioning old secret installations to rekindle their shattered industrial military complex. In support of this objective, IMC security forces deploy to track down their own deserters and mutineers, before too many of the installations' precise coordinates find their way into the hands of the Militia. Introduces three new maps including the hidden colony of Backwater, a covert robotics facility in Zone 18, and the secret fuel extraction site of Sandtrap.

Trials Fusion
PS4, Xbox One, 360, PC 

The base game released in April and developer RedLynx committed right out of the game to a full year of DLC in the form of six packs. The expansions will include "new tracks, new bike parts, rider gear, and new items for the track editor, and each DLC will let you enjoy a new Career Mode Event." Season pass and individual purchases are both on the table, but only pass holders will get an exclusive Crater Hazmat Suit. 

Official Descriptions:

Riders of the Rustlands (Watch Trailer)

These forgotten people live outside the elevated class region that Fusion takes place in, and lack the wealth of the inhabitants in the city area. Ignored and left to their own devices by the government, they are forced to use, build, and scavenge what they can to make a living. 

  • 10 new tracks (including six classic Trials tracks, two new supercross tracks, one skill game, and one FMX track). 
  • 18 new track challenges (including secret features, secret mini-games, and more) 
  • Five new achievements/trophies 
  • Dozens of new track editor objects including wrecked vehicles, warehouses, and much more!

Empire of the Sky (Watch Trailer)

A protected and pristine utopia was built on futuristic islands floating in the sky for the rich to enjoy their leisurely lives. Are you ready to ride in a hyper-technological world? 

  • Nine new tracks including six classic Trials tracks, one supercross track, one skill game and one FMX track 
  • 18 new challenges including secret features, hidden mini-games 
  • 5 new achievements 
  • Dozens of new track editor objects including anti-gravity technology, resort homes, force fields, floating platforms, and much more!

Welcome to the Abyss (Watch Trailer)

Mysterious ruins found under the sea shed light onto a long-forgotten civilization. It’s time to find out if anything still lurks beneath.

Enhance your experience underwater with: 

  • 10 new tracks including eight Classic Trials Tracks, one Skill Game and one FMX Track
  • 24 new Challenges including secret locations and hidden mini-games
  • 5 new achievements
  • Dozens of new Editor objects including Titanic statues, emissive stone ramps, underwater robotics and much more

Fire in the Deep: TBA

Fault One Zero: TBA

After the Incident: TBA

Ultra Street Fighter IV
PS3, 360, PC

Street Fighter never truly dies. This year, Capcom released an Ultra digital upgrade for either Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition in early June. In early August, players could also buy the full USF IV package at retail or digitally and gain access to over 100 bonus costumes.

Official Description:

  • New Characters: Five new characters: Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre join the fight, complete with their own unique play styles, bringing the current roster count to a massive 44 characters.
  • New Stages: Six new battle environments: Pitstop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Cosmic Elevator, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe, and Jurassic Era Research Facility, have been added for even more visual variety.
  • Rebalanced Gameplay: Direct fan feedback was gathered on all of Super Street Fighter IV AE’s original 39 characters and core system mechanics in order to achieve the most balanced Street Fighter ever.
  • New Modes and Features: Brand new modes and features further add to the suite of gameplay options.

Game Informer's Take:
"Minimal effort has been put into making Ultra Street Fighter IV a brand new title. The handful of new characters and modes won’t entice newcomers, but considerable changes and balances have been made to the engine. It isn’t groundbreaking, but it keeps the venerable Street Fighter IV on top of the fighting game hierarchy." – Jason Oestreicher

Watch Dogs
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC 

Ubisoft's near-future open world game offers a season pass, but the meat of the content isn't out yet. The single-player focused Bad Blood released on September 23 for season pass holders and September 30 for all other players.

Official Descriptions:

Bad Blood:(Watch Trailer)
An all new story campaign starring T-Bone, the brilliant and eccentric hacker players first met in Watch Dogs, who is now playable for the first time. The campaign explores T-Bone’s story through 10 new missions set in new locations throughout Chicago. Shortly after the events of Watch Dogs, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney infiltrates Blume one last time to plant a false trail in their system. Before he can disappear from the grid, he receives a panicked phone call from Tobias Frewer, a former colleague from Blume’s ctOS prototype days, who’s in desperate need of help. Putting his own escape at risk, T-Bone decides to help, but quickly realises the details of his old friend’s story aren’t adding up.

Watch Dogs Bad Blood also grants players access to “Street Sweep” contracts, a dynamic new system of side missions that offers players endless hours of challenges. All Street Sweep contracts are playable in co-op mode (friend or public sessions), a first for Watch Dogs, allowing two players to work together to combat Chicago’s criminal groups. The popular online ‘Hacking’ and ‘Tailing’ modes as well as the ctOS Companion App are also fully playable as T-Bone in Bad Blood.

In addition, Watch Dogs Bad Blood features exclusive weapons, perks and outfits, including the remote-controlled car “Eugene,” T-Bone’s latest creation that can be upgraded with both offensive and defensive perks.

Unlock a standalone mind-bending game mode in which cyborgs invaded Chicago. Track them and take them down.

Access Granted Pack:
Extend your hacking abilities in three new missions. Unlock six additional skins and access new powerful perks to increase your control over Chicago. 

This Pack contains : 

  • The Signature Shot Pack 
  • The Cyberpunk Pack 
  • The Blume Agent Pack 
  • The Breakthrough Pack 
  • The Palace Pack 
  • The DedSec Shadow Pack 
  • The Club Justice Pack

WWE 2K15
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360

Official Descriptions:

Season Pass
All 2K Showcase Season Pass content will be available by April 2015. For a one-time suggested purchase price of $24.99, a savings of more than 20 percent versus individual content purchases, players will receive the following items as they become available:

  • Access to exclusive playable WWE Diva Paige
  • Accelerator (access to all unlockable content available in the game)
  • Access to all three 2K Showcase stories (One More Match, Hall of Pain and Path of the Warrior).


  • Players will gain instant access to all unlockable content available in the game (excluding downloadable content)
  • The Accelerator will be available for a suggested price of $1.99.

2K Showcase: One More Match

  • Story focused on the rivalry between WWE Superstars Randy Orton and Christian in 2011
  • Playable WWE Superstars: Christian, Randy Orton, Edge, Mark Henry and Sheamus
  • Playable arenas from 2011: SmackDown, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit and Capitol Punishment
  • 2K Showcase: One More Match will be available for a suggested price of $9.99.

2K Showcase: Hall of Pain

  • Story focused on top matches for WWE Superstar Mark Henry
  • Playable WWE Superstars: Mark Henry, Big Show, Kane, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Sheamus, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Ryback
  • Playable arenas: SmackDown (2011), Vengeance (2011) and WrestleMania 29
  • 2K Showcase: Hall of Pain will be available for a suggested price of $9.99.

2K Showcase: Path of the Warrior

  • Story focused on the career of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior
  • Playable WWE Hall of Famers: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Sgt. Slaughter
  • Playable WWE Legends: *** Tonk Man, Rick Rude, Macho King and Colonel Mustafa
  • Playable WWE Superstars: Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  • Access to WWE Hall of Fame ring announcer Howard Finkel and WWE managers Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Paul Bearer, Sherri, Sid Justice and General Adnan
  • Playable arenas: WrestleMania VI, VII and XII; SummerSlam (1988, 1990 and 1991); Saturday Night’s Main Event XXIV and Madison Square Garden
  • 2K Showcase: Path of the Warrior will be available for a suggested price of $9.99.

WCW Pack

  • Playable WCW Superstars: Fit Finlay, Lord Steven Regal, Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger
  • The WCW Pack will be available for a suggested price of $7.99.

NXT Arrival

  • Playable NXT Superstars: JBL, Adam Rose and The Ascension (Konnor and Victor)
  • Playable NXT Diva: Emma
  • NXT Arrival will be available for a suggested price of $6.99.

New Moves Pack

  • Moves Pack: More than 30 new moves, including an alternate version of Sister Abigail (performed from the ring corner and made popular by Bray Wyatt) and Multiple Gut Wrenches (made popular by Cesaro)
  • The New Moves Pack will be available for a suggested price of $3.99.

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