Relic Entertainment’s World War II real-time strategy title, Company of Heroes 2, is getting some new DLC. The upcoming Western Front Armies add-ons are standalone additions to the game, bringing two new nations to the war.

According to Eurogamer, The Western Front Armies adds the United States and the German Oberkommando West, along with eight new maps. If you purchase one of the new armies without the original release, you won’t be walled off from the existing community.

Playing as the US or Germans will still allow you to match up against other players’ Eastern Front forces. If you own the base game, but not the new add-ons, you still might end up on a Western Front map in multiplayer, teamed up with one of the new armies.

Each army will cost you $12.99, with a bundle priced at $19.99. The Western Front Armies are due this June. For more on Company of Heroes 2, check out our review.

[Source: Eurogamer]