The first major multiplayer expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall has released today. A post on the PlayStation.Blog by Poria Torkan, producer at Guerrilla Games, has detailed the numerous updates players can expect.

Shadow Fall's multiplayer is getting a new class, the insurgent, with two unique abilities. His steal ability allows him to grab guns (he starts with a pistol only) and other abilities off downed enemies. The taken abilities are temporary, but stolen weapons can be used even after respawns. He also has the hack ability, which lets him turn enemy ground drones into friendly units.

Two new game modes, one each for single- and multiplayer, are also included in the update. Campaign Elite Mode challenges players to beat Killzone: Shadow Fall’s campaign on the hardest difficult with only three lives. Multiplayer Collectibles mode lets players search for crates during matches to earn points and in-game rewards.

Additionally, the insurgent pack adds three new abilities, three weapons, new trophies and challenges, and more. Details on all the new additions can be found in the post on the PlayStation.Blog.

The Insurgent Pack is available later today on the PlayStation Store for $9.99, but is free with Killzone: Shadow Fall's season pass. 

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]