Zen Studios is working on a new pinball set in The Walking Dead universe. It’s not just any part of that fiction, though. Zen is teaming up with Telltale for a new table featuring Clementine and Lee.

Locales include Clem's treehouse (where we first meet here in season one), Everett's Pharmacy, and other important places from the first five episodes. The pinball table will include choices similar to those posed by Telltale. You'll need to choose who to save and who to sacrifice. Table games will represent some of the problem solving and morale-based experiences players experienced as Lee.

As you can see from the image above, the five episodes from Telltale’s first season are mentioned. The table will be shown at E3 and available later this summer on all console, PC, and mobile platforms on which Zen Pinball exists.


Our Take
As a big fan of both Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Zen Pinball, I’m delighted to see these two properties combined. Both studios have a strong history of collaboration, and in many ways, we should have seen this coming. It’s nice to be surprised, though (unless it’s by a zombie biting you).