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Our Favorite Video Game Fan Art Of 2013

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 11, 2014 at 01:04 PM

From time to time, we like to highlight the work of artists on Game Informer who create impressive or innovative art based on the video games we love. Here's a collection of some of our favorites from 2013.

There are a lot Pokémon fans in the world, and as it turns out, a lot of them are very talented artists. We frequently feature the work of RJ Palmer (you can see some of his work above) who creates realistic versions of popular Pokémon. He's not the only one though. Here's a terrifying Charizard from artist Yuuki Morita.

For more of Palmer's work hit the links for the original starters, Feraligatr, and Giratina. Of course, that wasn't the only Pokémon art last year. Check out a few more pieces below.

Nicolas Cage Pokémon

Pokémon Movie Poster

Street Fighter
There were two impressive pieces of Street Fighter art that made our front pages in 2013.

Realistic Blanka

Street Fighter motion art
It looks like nothing more than abstract lines of color, but it's actually motion-tracking lines following animation based on Street Fighter characters.

Assassin's Creed
Apparently a lot of artists were unsatisfied with the latest Assassin's Creed setting (except for this one), so they took it upon themselves to place the assassins in different time periods.

Noir Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed China

Plants vs. Zombies
Pokémon fans aren't the only ones who can make a realistic versions of a typically cartoonish characters. This piece from David Keen imagines Plants vs. Zombies characters as real monsters.

All Things Nintendo
Nintendo inspires some of the best art around, and 2013 was no exception.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn if the image below went on to inspire the development of Hyrule Warriors (name not final).

Peach, Zelda, And Samus At Moments Of Leisure

Of all this pieces we showed on Game Informer in 2013, the piece below is probably my favorite. It depicts the first meeting between a young Samus and the Chozo.

For more information on the pieces, including links to other works by the artists, hit the accompanying links.

Today we posted a Majora's Mask piece that will very likely make 2014's list of fan art. You can check it out here.