Sounds like I just stirred up a lot of trouble.

You don’t know the half of it. Next, you head to the Moon and wake up the bulk of the Hive forces, and they emerge from their underground lairs. On the bright side, by opening up the passageways into the underground, you finally give poor Eris Morn a chance to escape, and she starts to make her way back to the Tower. You also manage to track down and return a broken shard of the Traveler, which the Hive are using to drain Light from the Traveler. 

Throughout all this, the Stranger is following you, and eventually makes contact, demanding you meet her on Venus. There, you encounter the Vex for the first time, and the Stranger makes it clear that the Vex are up to no good, and you’re going to have to stop them at one of their strongholds – the Black Garden.

Does she tell me why she’s been following me in particular?

Well, she doesn’t have time to explain that, apparently, which is unfortunate, because that would answer an awful lot of questions everyone has about what’s going on. 

Unsurprisingly, Bungie hasn’t commented on the matter, but some players believe that after she speaks with you and sends you on your destined path, she teleports back into the future in order to meet up with a future version of you in a scene from a Destiny game that isn’t out yet.

Whoa. Really?

That’s the theory.

Crazy! Alright, what’s next?

In order to track down the Black Garden, you head to the Reef, because Queen Mara Sov of the Awoken is said to know more about the mythical Vex site. The Queen grants you entry into the Reef, and you learn that she has the Fallen House of Wolves under her heel. She agrees to help you and point your way towards the Black Garden, but only if you can bring her the eye of a Vex gate lord. 

What’s that?

It’s how the Vex open up gateways to travel through time. You proceed back to Venus, and get one of these eyes, and then return to the asteroid belt to acknowledge the Awoken Queen’s help, and glean the location of the Black Garden. She and her brother, Uldren, make it clear that you owe them as they impart the site on Mars where you need to go next. 

Even after all this work, the gate lord’s eye is depowered, and you head to Mars to reenergize it. 

Like plugging in a mobile phone?

Sort of, but only if your phone opens gateways to distant times and dimensions.

Fair enough. Who or what is on Mars?

If you recall, the Vex and Cabal were at war on Mars, so your arrival puts you in conflict with the militaristic forces of the Cabal for the first time, even as you continue to face off against the seemingly limitless forces of the Vex.

Then it’s off to save the universe from the Vex?

Yes, you use the gate lord’s eye to open up a portal to the Black Garden there on Mars. Within, you breach the Vex defenses and track down the fragment of the Darkness, and destroy it. 

Afterward, the Stranger shows up at the Tower, acknowledging your victory, but pointing out that terrible things are coming from out there in the Darkness. She gives you her rifle, which is explicitly described as having components that shouldn’t yet exist. 

Presuming you found some friends to play with during your adventures, your next stop is the Vault of Glass, where you manage to not get wiped out from ever existing. Instead, you destroy Atheon, a Vex entity that stands as a conflux that unites past, present, and future. With Atheon’s elimination, you halt (or at least delay) the Vex plans to conquer time itself.  

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