Is that everything, or are you leaving stuff out?

Believe it or not, I’m leaving a bunch of stuff out, including a lot of detail about what happens in the Reef Wars, more about the origin of the City, all kinds of tidbits about individual pieces of weapons and armor, and an amusing little story about some human scientists on Venus who can’t figure out if they’re real or trapped in a Vex simulation of reality. But most of that is entirely ancillary to the actual narrative, or at least appears to be.

I can probably do without most of that, but are there any other cool actual storylines I’m missing out on?

There are a few things, but I can’t believe you still want to know more. 

Hit me.

Alright, if you insist. One of the coolest storylines hidden away in the game’s grimoire cards is about this Guardian named Dredgen Yor.

That name is awesome.

I know. Dredgen Yor, however, is not an awesome guy. Basically, he starts off with a different name that’s been forgotten, but under his lost name he is a mighty Guardian that wields a hand cannon called Rose. He’s so intent on fighting back against the Darkness that he becomes utterly corrupted by it, and Rose becomes the much darker weapon called Thorn. He starts murdering other Guardians as well as innocents. His old friend, Jaren Ward, hunts him down and duels him with the hand cannon called The Last Word, but Jaren is killed. Subsequently, Jaren’s protégé, a Hunter named Shin Malphur, takes up The Last Word, tracks Dredgen Yor, and they fight. Dredgen Yor is apparently killed. 

I would absolutely watch that outer space Western movie. 

Right? Another thing we haven’t talked about are the Ahamkara. We don’t know where they came from, but these were apparently massive dragon-like creatures that at one point lent their power and knowledge to the City, but at some terrible cost to the Guardians. Ultimately, the price was deemed too high, and the Ahamkara were hunted to presumed extinction. 

Space dragons?

Pretty much. Earlier, we talked about the Nine, and some fans think that the Nine might be in some way related to the Ahamkara, or that they’re one and the same, and that they’re out there somewhere near Jupiter, sending their agent Xûr to collect strange coins from the Guardians to fuel a growing hoard of treasure. But that’s all conjecture at this point.

Are we going to get more details about the Nine at some point?

Almost certainly.

What else you got?

There’s a pretty sweet story about a Warlock and a Hunter who were the first Guardians to encounter the Cabal. Shortly after the Guardians figure out how to reactivate some of the old Golden Age jumpships, these two head out separately to Mars. By happenstance, they both converge on a mysterious signal, where they run into each other, and start arguing, and almost don’t see the Cabal until it is too late. When the aliens attack, the two Guardians fight back to back, ceaselessly reviving each other for a full day and night, until the enemy is defeated. And they’ve fought together ever since. Inspired by the cooperation between these two, and other Guardian pairs, the Vanguard establishes the Crimson Doubles event within the Crucible. 

Aw. That’s kind of sweet. In a killing-hordes-of-aliens kind of way.

Well, the Guardians aren’t always killing bad guys. 


Really. For a long time, Guardians would organize their own underground racing for their sparrows. More recently, the Vanguard approved the founding of an official Sparrow Racing League; just like the Crucible, it serves the dual goal of training Guardians but also entertaining the residents of the Last City. Shaxx sends out teams of Guardians along with specially trained squad called Redjacks, whose job it is to clear hostile areas for Crucible combat. In this case, they clear spaces for Sparrow racing. However, as any racer will tell you, they don’t do an especially good job of clearing the courses; a lot of alien troopers still manage to find their way onto the tracks.

Anyone else I should know about?

I think the only other important character we haven’t talked about is Osiris, and he’s likely to be a central figure at some point, especially since Bungie has confirmed to us that Osiris is not dead.

Isn’t Osiris the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead?

You clearly know your mythology. But Osiris is also a Warlock who became fascinated with the Vex. Osiris fought at the great Battle of Six Fronts, and subsequently rose to notoriety among the Guardians. However, he had a questioning nature, and began to spread dissension among the Guardians, asking questions about why the Traveler and its Ghosts had chosen the Guardians that they did for revival, and committing forbidden research into the Ahamkara and the Nine, among other perceived sins.

Much as Toland had become obsessed with the Hive, Osiris fixates on the Vex and their technology, and eventually disappears in pursuit of additional knowledge. The Speaker tries to track him down to no avail. Meanwhile, a cult arises around Osiris and his teachings, and they have at least one secret base called the Lighthouse, hidden away on Mercury. Osiris’ followers establish a tournament built to track down three-person fireteams of Guardians who never lose. Why does Osiris need such infallible warriors? Are Osiris and his Vex experiments tied to the Stranger in some way? Where, or when, is he? 

…What, are you looking at me? I don’t know! I thought you were answering these questions. 

Well, that’s about all I can tell you, except that I’m deeply grateful to a number of people for the insights that helped to guide this article. Several developers at Bungie endured me drilling them with questions on these topics, and also took the time to examine the article for accuracy prior to publication, for which I’m very appreciative. And while the majority of the information above has been drawn directly from Destiny or its surrounding grimoire cards, too many fellow fans to count have organized and analyzed these stories through thoughtful online postings, which proved to be a great resource when trying to gather everything together. In particular, the members of the various Destiny subreddits, the Bungie forum-goers, and those that attend to the Destiny wiki deserve special thanks for their speculation and analysis.

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