We killed Oryx, and saved Earth. What else is there to do?

The Hive and the Taken invasion force is still running around the solar system, so you have to deal with that. Not to mention that you need to deal with the fallout from all the other alien forces. 

From here on out, you spend a lot of time hopscotching around the solar system, putting out fires. You subvert a plan by the Vex to revive the Black Garden. You prevent the remnants of the Fallen House of Wolves from stepping into the power vacuum left by the Cabal’s defeats on Mars. 

On the Dreadnaught, you halt a Cabal force intent on blowing up the Dreadnaught, because the massive ship’s destruction would devastate the solar system.

In one particularly memorable situation, you track down a Hive named Alak-Hul, the Darkblade. Alak-Hul and his consort, Verok, once led a failed rebellion against Oryx. Oryx imprisoned the powerful knight in a chamber of darkness. Upon Oryx’s death, Eris sends you in to ensure that Alak-Hul isn’t able to take his former king’s place. But it’s also a mission of vengeance, as Alak-Hul was among the Hive who killed her friends on Earth’s moon. And while we kill Alak-Hul, we don’t know what happened to Verok.

That’s pretty cool. But poor Verok.

Yeah, I’m all broken up about it. That battle is part of a running theme; in the absence of Oryx, you and the Vanguard are trying to make sure a new leader doesn’t rise to threaten the system. In another battle, you prevent a Hive warrior named Malok from seizing Oryx’s throne and reuniting the Hive’s scattered forces. 

During this time, we also get some follow-through on some old lingering story threads. For instance, through the course of another mission during this war against the Taken, you finally discover the fate of the lost warlock named Praedyth, whose name had been forgotten when the Vex erased his existence within the Vault of Glass.

And in what might be one of the most important but little talked about missions during this time frame, you track down some Cabal on the Dreadnaught and a mysterious outbound communication signal they are sending. You take out the Cabal forces, but not before the communique is sent to a distant corner of space, addressed to the Emperor of the Cabal.

Emperor? I don’t remember hearing about an emperor.

That’s true. The Cabal only sent one small portion of their army to our solar system. Somewhere out there, there’s a much larger and more dangerous enemy controlling this steamroller of an army, and now that enemy knows everything that has happened in our system. 

I wonder if we’re ever going to get some follow through on that.

I wonder that, too.

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