I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Oryx coming to Earth might not be the best thing for humanity.

Not if you like being alive. Oryx brings an entire fleet of Hive warships with him as he comes to avenge his son’s death. But this time, the Guardians get a little bit of help. Queen Mara Sov launches her entire Awoken space fleet to go out and meet the Hive head on. The two forces collide in a battle among the rings of Saturn. Apparently, the Queen has some sort of ingenious plan she’s going to enact by confronting this seemingly unstoppable, civilization-destroying space fleet. 

Is this a good plan or a bad plan?

That’s not entirely clear. At first, it seems like things are going alright. The Queen’s brother, Uldren, leads the fleet’s fighters in strafing runs against the Hive. Meanwhile, Queen Mara deploys some sort of powerful weapon system called Harbingers, which she somehow summons herself through an as-yet unexplained power, and she uses these glowing balls of energy to smash through much of the Hive fleet. Unfortunately, when the Harbingers hit Oryx’s flagship, they seem to dissipate. In response, Oryx deploys his Dreadnaught’s main weapon – a devastating shockwave – and decimates almost the entirety of the Awoken fleet. The Queen appears to die in the attack aboard her ship. Her brother, Uldren, barely escapes, but his ship loses control, and he eventually crash-lands on Mars. Petra Venj is left to pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

Well, I think that answers my question, then. That was a bad plan.

It certainly seems that way, but it’s nonetheless remained a matter of great debate. Some have suggested that the harbingers that hit the Dreadnaught had a more complex purpose we don’t yet fully understand. Others believe that the Queen didn’t really die in the attack, and that somehow she may still return. And yet others have argued that the Queen’s actions in the battle, while devastating to her Awoken, were somehow prescient, and enabled the only path by which the Guardians might eventually be able to defeat Oryx. Of course, that’s all supposition at this point. 

Well, however you justify it, losing your whole fleet in one battle sounds like a mistake.

You may be right. Regardless, the Queen’s sacrifice manages to hold Oryx and his Dreadnaught at Saturn, but he wastes no time in deploying his forces, and begins to gather more Taken troops.

You’ve used that word a few times. What’s going on there?

When Oryx captures his enemies, he enslaves their will to his own, and gives them a new shape in order to enact his goals. Taken soldiers look vaguely like the alien Fallen, Hive, Vex, or Cabal they once were, but they gain new abilities, while simultaneously lacking any sense of self-determination. 

Sounds a little like a bad job I used to have. Oryx doesn’t ever do this to the Guardians?

Interesting question! No, for some reason, Oryx never “takes” any Guardians. Whether he chooses not to, or whether something about their Light prevents it, is unknown. 

Okay, so Oryx is stranded out by Saturn. Why don’t we just leave him there?

Oryx begins to send out echoes of his own consciousness into the solar system, extending the reach of his Taken forces. The Guardian Vanguard sends you in to investigate a disturbance on one of Mars’ moons, Phobos. The normally disciplined Cabal forces are in total disarray. It turns out that their base is overrun, and you come face to face with the Taken and are forced to flee.

That doesn’t sound like me.

Orders are orders. Commander Zavala recalls you back to Earth, in order to plan on how to deal with this emerging threat. While Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Eris Morn try to concoct a plan, the brash Hunter named Cayde-6 brings you in on his own plan to infiltrate the Dreadnaught. After recovering a stealth drive from its hiding place, he has it attached to Eris’ ship, and has you fly it out to the Dreadnaught. The stealth options let you get close enough for your Ghost to transmat (teleport) you onto the ship, and establish a beachhead.

Now that’s more like it. Then I take out Oryx, right?

Not so fast. The ship turns out to be absolutely massive. In fact, in one place, you find that an entire Cabal cruiser has crashed into the Dreadnaught, and its collision point is just one small sub-section of the Dreadnaught’s bulk. You also find a gateway that might lead into Oryx’s inner sanctum, but it’s locked to anyone without the essence of a powerful ascendant Hive. 

Eris guides you through a tortuous series of steps to gain access, which involves you returning to the place where you killed Crota, and stealing his essence, even as Crota’s sisters loom nearby, completing their brother’s death ritual.

I robbed his grave?

From a certain point of view.

From where I’m standing, it seems like I’m a grave robber. 

Hmm. Well, with Crota’s essence, you’re finally able to breach the forbidden portal and confront Oryx, and in a feat of great bravery, you strike him down!

Yay! I win!

Sort of.

Sort of?

You may recall what I mentioned about the Hive and their Throne Worlds, and the way death isn’t necessarily the end. Oryx is basically a god – killing him in the real world isn’t enough. You have to take his true form out inside his own personal hell dimension. 

I bet I can do that.

Getting some of your fellow Guardians together, you lead a strike force into Oryx’s Throne World. You take out his generals, defeat his daughters Ir Halak and Ir Anûk, and finally, you destroy Oryx. 

Once and for all?

Hopefully? In the process of killing Oryx, you manage to put together a rifle called Touch of Malice. Some people think that Oryx’s soul still resides inside of the weapon.

What?! Why would I keep that?

Well, it pretty much has infinite ammo, as long as you don’t mind it draining your health. 

Oh. I see. That’s pretty cool, I guess.

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