Aren’t there some other mean aliens we’re forgetting about?

While all this drama is unfolding on Earth and the Moon, largely unbeknownst to humanity, another war is raging on their old colony planet of Mars. Out on the red planet, an industrialized war-machine of an alien civilization called the Cabal encounters an enigmatic race of artificial intelligence called the Vex, and the two alien forces descend into a long-term conflict. 

The Cabal’s arrival in our Solar System isn’t entirely understood, but there’s reason to believe they’ve had some unfortunate encounters with Oryx and the Hive, and are simultaneously looking for refuge and for a way to fight back against the Hive’s god-king, but these points remain unconfirmed speculation. 

Meanwhile, the Vex are even more mysterious, as they arrive in our solar system, not necessarily from a different place, but from a different time. The hive-mind of the Vex exists across multiple time periods, and they consolidate their power in the present by manipulating both the past and the future. 

The reason for the Cabal/Vex war of attrition on Mars originates in the Cabal’s military strategy. As a species, the Cabal ransack and attempt to occupy anything that might have value to their empire, and while they don’t understand the Vex, they see Vex technology as a potential strategic advantage. In particular, at least some part of the conflict arises from the Vex possession of a fragment of the Darkness, which is hidden in a place called the Black Garden, a vast Vex sanctuary locked away on Mars in some forgotten corner of time.

If they can travel through time, these Vex seem like they would be a really big problem. What keeps them from taking over the whole solar system?

Well, that’s pretty much what they start doing. The Vex completely overtake Mercury and transform it into a stronghold world, and they start to do the same on Venus, setting up a massive Citadel and beginning to overtake the ruins of humanity’s abandoned colony there.

The Vex are contriving to conquer and infect reality across all time, hoping to carve themselves into the fabric of the universe. They create the Vault of Glass on Venus in an effort to unite their efforts in the past, present, and future. 

A few Guardians become aware of the threat and head to Venus, but things don’t go so well. These Guardians raid the Vault of Glass, but are effectively wiped from time and existence, as if they were never born. The only remnants of these lost heroes are scattered pieces of weapon and armor that hint that they were once real. Among these unfortunate Guardians is a Titan named Kabr and a Warlock named Praedyth, but there are presumably many others whose names have been utterly wiped away. 

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