Let me get this straight. In addition to the crazy space pirates called the Fallen, Earth is also getting attacked by a bunch of death-worshipping aliens with worms inside of them?

That’s pretty much the gist of it.

As the god-king of the Hive, Oryx sends his progeny, Crota, and his forces, toward our solar system, with full confidence that his son will succeed as he always has before. Indeed, Crota quickly overtakes Earth’s unprotected Moon. The Guardians get word of this, and in their hubris, they send a massive force of Guardians in a full-frontal assault against the unknown threat. 

The venture is a disaster. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Guardians are lost on the Moon, their Light devoured by Crota’s ravaging Horde. Crota’s forces dig down into the Moon’s surface, honeycombing it and cracking off a portion of the planetoid. For the time being, the Hive are an unstoppable threat, but at least they seem content to remain on the Moon, and Crota appears to go dormant.

That seems like a pretty major loose end – the Guardians just hope for the best and abandon the Moon?

Not everyone is so willing to forget about what happened on the Moon. Among the survivors of the assault on Crota’s forces is an Exo Warlock named Eriana-3, and she is intent on revenge. Eriana-3 gathers a group of like-minded Guardians for a more surreptitious assault on the Moon, and among the Guardians who join up is a young hunter named Eris Morn.

Oh! She’s the angsty woman with the bleeding black eyes, right? Kind of crazy?

Eris Morn wasn’t always that way. Prior to her trip to the Moon with Eriana-3 and the rest of her fireteam, she was much like any other Guardian. 

So, things do not go well on this little adventure?

That’s putting it mildly. First, the strike team tracks down an exiled and disgraced warlock named Toland, who had been banished for investigating the Darkness and the Hive with a little more fervor than the Vanguard would have liked. In addition to being the guy who knows more about the Hive than anyone else, he is also famous for wielding a deadly and dark pulse rifle called Bad Juju. 

With Toland in tow, the fireteam heads off to the Moon in an effort to bring down Crota. Toland’s research proves enough to get past at least some of the Hive defenses. Unfortunately, the raid team is no match for the combined might of Crota’s horde. The team is split up, and one by one they are destroyed, often in pretty horrific ways; one of them is strung up in a vice of bone, tortured, and has his light peeled away to feed unborn Hive. Toland is lost in the darkness, presumed dead, but somehow his journal isn’t destroyed, and that becomes one of the greatest sources of intelligence about the Hive. 

Only Eris Morn survives, but at a terrible cost to her own body and sanity, and even worse, her Ghost is destroyed. By becoming tainted by the Darkness, she is able to hide out in the caverns beneath the Moon, waiting in the black for death to find her, or for some slim and distant hope of escape.

So, those guys wiped. 


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