Any other big problems around this time?

As it turns out, the Fallen are not the only aliens encroaching on Earth. From the depths of space, a Darkness-infused species called the Hive arrive in our solar system. 

There’s this whole crazy backstory about them that unfolds across centuries prior to their arrival. You want to know about that?

In for a penny, in for a pound. If I wasn’t interested, I could just jump to the next page. 

When you’re right, you’re right. 

So, remember when I mentioned that many millennia ago, disciples of the Darkness called Worms were living on a distant gas giant planet? 

How could I forget?

Right. Millions of years prior to the Traveler’s arrival in our solar system, this planet called Fundament is so massive that hundreds of species live on its floating continents and within its gaseous depths, including a race of beings whose entire planet crashed into Fundament, leaving them stranded there. Among this species, there’s a king who has three daughters. When the king falls ill, the royal family is betrayed by one of their inner circle – the daughters' tutor, named Taox. The king is killed, but the daughters escape into the gaseous seas of the planet. There, the three daughters are eventually lured to the deceitful and Darkness-infused Worms, and they are transformed into a new and powerful form, but one in which they allow themselves to be hosts to the parasitic Worms; they become the first of a new species called the Hive. They emerge with new names, and in one case, a new gender; Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Auryx. 

The three offspring of the King return to retake the throne. Their betrayer, Taox, flees the planet, and settles among one of the species visited by the Traveler – the Ammonites. Meanwhile, the siblings “gift” the power of the worms onto the rest of their species, and proceed to conquer the rest of Fundament. 

Over the next several thousand years, the Hive spread out through the stars, destroying entire civilizations, including the Ammonites, the Harmony, the Qugu…

I think I get it. These guys are trouble.

Yes. Sorry, sometimes I get carried away. Suffice to say, the Hive are a virtually unstoppable force. The three siblings are still trying to hunt down their father’s betrayer, Taox, but even now, her whereabouts remain unknown. But they also kill in the name of their overriding philosophy, the Sword Logic.

This is getting weird. 

Stick with me for a second. This is important. The Sword Logic is the guiding philosophy for the Hive – a sort of metaphysical principle that justifies their horrific actions across the universe. As guided by the Worms, the Hive value killing as the greatest act, and the path to becoming stronger. Through killing, the Hive justify their purpose as the strongest entities, further honing the universe into a desired final shape. Those that are cut away are not strong enough to be a part of that ultimate nature of the universe, and by the Sword Logic, they deserved to be cut away.

Through this principle, the Hive are able to garner ever greater power for themselves, and even carve out their own personal dimensions, which they call Throne Worlds. Killing others also feeds the Darkness-infused Worms the Hive carry within themselves.

In fact, at their behest, Auryx eventually kills his own sisters, so that in turn he will gain the power to kill one of the most powerful of the parasitic worms, whereby he becomes the Hive’s ultimate god-king named Oryx. By following the philosophy of the Sword Logic, Oryx becomes the greatest of his own kind and gains the ability to “Take” other creatures, and subvert them to his will.    

I’m afraid you’ve lost me.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird. The point is, Oryx follows this disturbing philosophy that elevates murder, death, and even genocide to a revered act. To put it another way and perhaps oversimplify, the Sword Logic is like survival of the fittest. If you are defeated, you were not strong enough, and your killer is providing you the gift of fulfilling your purpose as the weaker being. But for the Hive, even death is not necessarily the end, as they can retreat into their own internal dimensions – places built and maintained through the act of cutting and killing others.

That is screwed up.

Definitely. And what it makes it even more screwed up is that Oryx decides along the way that he needs to sire his own children, and share this delightful lifestyle with them. We get some new baddies out of that situation – his son, Crota, and his daughters, Ir Anûk and Ir Halak. 

Oryx and his children continue to ravage their way across the universe for many thousands of years, fulfilling the Sword Logic wherever they go. Eventually, Oryx sends his son Crota to do what he has already done countless times – murder a whole civilization. This time, Crota is sent to Earth. 

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