Isn’t there still some horrible ancient evil slumbering on the Moon?

You remembered! With the Vex seemingly defeated, the Hive Prince named Crota starts to make his move. Meanwhile, a much-changed Eris Morn returns to the Tower, ranting about the terrible things she has witnessed on the Moon. The Vanguard mentors initially don’t pay her much mind, but she convinces you of the threat posed by Crota’s impending invasion, and you set out to stop it.

How does that turn out?

Surprisingly, pretty well. You methodically take down all of Crota’s chief minions, including a screaming Hive wizard named Omnigul, who may or may not be Crota’s consort. 

Seems like a pretty unconventional pairing.

Yeah. Anyway, in order to summon Crota into our dimension, the Hive are seeking to reunite his soul and body. So after wiping out most of his royal court, you descend deep into the Moon and halt a ritual that would have awoken his soul, and instead you obliterate it. 


Well, he does kind of deserve it. To add insult to injury, you then get together with several of your fellow Guardians, enter Crota’s dark dimensional hideout, and destroy his body. In fact, to do so, you take his own sword and hack him apart with it. In so doing, you not only prevent Crota’s return, but avenge the hundreds of Guardians destroyed by Crota, including Eris’ murdered teammates, who failed where you succeeded. 

Hold on a second. Aren’t we forgetting all that stuff from before about Crota having a dad?

That is most definitely a problem. Crota’s father is Oryx, the god-king of the Hive. Oryx gets word of what you did to his son, and he’s now coming to wipe you and everybody you’ve ever known out of existence. Not only does he have the Hive at his back, but he also has an entirely new army of beings called the Taken – tortured creatures pulled from this dimension into a dark netherworld, and then brought back to serve as soulless soldiers. 

Let me guess. We end up fighting those guys. 

Well, yes, but before that happens, there are some additional problems a little closer to home. 

Even as word makes its way back to Oryx about Crota’s destruction, a seemingly resolved threat rears its ugly head. After capturing the leader of the House of Wolves, the Awoken Queen makes a diplomatic gesture to a mysterious group further out in the solar system called the Nine – she gives them Skolas. That turns out to be a really bad move, as the Nine subsequently release Skolas, and he sets out to reclaim the House of Wolves. Displeased with having to serve an Awoken Queen, the Fallen Wolves betray her and join up with Skolas. The only Fallen to remain behind is Variks, who continues to play the odds of what he hopes will be the winning side. 

The Queen calls in her debt to you, and summons you to the Reef. Her emissary, Petra Venj, tasks you with hunting down the traitorous Fallen.

Skolas is wily and clever, and concocts a daring plan to not only retake the House of Wolves, but reunite all the scattered Fallen houses. He contrives to use Vex time-altering technology to summon members of the House of Wolves from across time to create an unstoppable army in the present. You thwart his plan, and capture him alive to be returned once more to the Prison of Elders, with Variks as his warden. Afterward, you’re given the chance to enter the Prison of Elders and finally destroy him.

Why doesn’t the Queen just have you kill him in the first place?

That’s unclear. The Queen is inscrutable sometimes. It’s possible that she wants Skolas to die in disgrace and embarrassment. But we also know that she’s interested in studying the Guardians’ power up close, to better understand us. Finally, Variks at one point suggests that with the Nine scheming against her, she is just looking to clear out some room in the Prison. 

Things are looking pretty good for a while, right up until Crota’s father finishes his journey to our solar system. 

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