At this time last year, the Destiny community was gearing up to confront the impending challenges of the Taken King’s arrival, and we delivered our first version of this article – a comprehensive guide to the Destiny narrative, fact-checked by the Bungie story team for accuracy, and built as an easy-to-navigate reference for players. Exactly a year later, we’re back with a new, improved, and revised version that reflects the latest narrative threads of the game, and also sets the stage for the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Like the original article, the information included throughout this article is drawn primarily from researching the game, as well as its connected Grimoire cards. And like last year, the full text of the article has been double-checked by Bungie for accuracy prior to publication. As such, we hope the following can provide a clear and authoritative understanding of the fiction, without the need to second guess what the developers intended. In a few instances, relevant fan theories are widespread enough that they are mentioned in the form of conjecture. Anything not confirmed by Bungie is clearly described as such in the text. 

For readers who may have perused last year’s article, we’ve slotted in additions, clarifications, and newly revealed details throughout the guide, but also added entirely new pages and sections addressing topics such as the formation of the Iron Lords, the origin of the Hive, and the aftermath of the fall of Oryx. 

Use the table of contents below (available on every page) to jump back and forth between topic areas of interest. 

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...The Traveler, The Darkness, and where the Guardians came from »

...The Iron Lords, the Last City, and the founding of the Crucible »

...The creation of the Hive, the reign of Oryx, and Sword Logic »

...The Guardians’ disastrous assault against the Hive on the Moon »

...The Vex, the Cabal, and the Vault of Glass »

...The Awoken, and the Reef Wars »

...The opening acts of the Destiny base game »

...The quest to reach the Black Garden and conquering the Vault of Glass »

...The Dark Below and House of Wolves »

...The battle against the Taken King »

...The aftermath of the King’s fall, and the ongoing Taken War »

...What else I’m missing. Tell me about Dredgen Yor, SRL, the Ahamkara, and Osiris »

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