This DotA Clone Is Faithful To A Fault

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Can StarCraft II Reinvigorate The RTS Genre?


Video, Screens Of Indie RTS Apox Emerge

… debut title today. Apox, a post-apocalyptic (what else?) real-time strategy game for PC and Mac, is expected to ship later …


Hands-On With Grey Goo

… Hands-On With Grey Goo … The real-time strategy title feels familiar yet different, as the team has clearly spent significant time streamlining and improving systems found in most RTS …

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TGS 09: PlayStation Makes “Room” For The PSP

… The PSP … New service will give users the chance to "enjoy real time interaction" with friends on PSP. … TGS 09: Get "Room" …


Order Of War Review: An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

… Enix produces a surprisingly great game for their first real-time strategy effort. … An Old Dog Learns New Tricks …


Magnacarta 2 Review: Slow Story And A Fast-Paced, Addictive Battle System

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Command & Conquer 4 Review: Play This With A Friend Or Not At All

… … The entire point of this game is to bring cooperative real-time strategy to the next level. It accomplishes that goal …


RTS Glory Days Rekindled With Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

… in 2002 when the PC gaming scene was flush with awesome real-time strategy titles? … RTS Glory Days Rekindled With Age of …


Impressive Demos Show Off The Latest Capabilities Of The Unreal Engine

… The real-time ray tracing technology on display in these cinematic …

Microsoft Pays $8.5 Billion For Skype

… Pays $8.5 Billion For Skype … The deal would bring real-time video and voice calling to the Xbox 360, including …


Battlefield 3 Integrating Social Features

… social tools, friend feeds, detailed stats, voice chat, real-time friend tracking, and more. … Battlefield 3 Integrating …


Bloodline Champions Now In Open Beta


THQ Shutting Down Company Of Heroes Online