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Replay is Game Informer’s weekly journey into the rich history of video games. GI editors dust off games from every genre and platform imaginable in an attempt to recapture the magic of the games we’ve all grown up with. Join us every Friday at 2pm CST to relive fond (and not so fond) memories from gaming’s glorious past.


Replay – Super Star Wars

Asking who is the biggest Star Wars fan in the Game Informer office is kind of like asking which prequel is the worst, but how long do we last with Super Star Wars?

Replay – Boogerman

Do boogers and explosive flatulence still make us laugh sixteen years later? Find out in this week's episode of Replay.

Replay – Castlevania 64

How many times do we die? How far do we make it into the game? Find out the embarrassing answers to these questions and more.

Replay – WWF No Mercy

The GI crew takes each other on in a four-way ladder match, and Reiner dons the ref shirt in a one-on-one bout.

Replay – Obscure

Is this last generation title a thrilling test of courage or a boring back to school slog through a haunted high school?

Replay – Swashbucklers

We check out an alternate history pirate game on PS2 involving schizophrenia, the civil war, corn, mumbling, and more

Replay – Urban Chaos

As the final piece of our month of Batman: Arkham City coverage online, we decided to revisit Rocksteady's past.

Replay – Syphon Filter

This game came to glory when stealth games were booming, but its focus onintense firefights and objective-based missions separated it from thepack.
super readplay

Super Readplay – Gears of War: Anvil Gate

Reiner told me that reading great literature can be a
sometimes-worthwhile pursuit. He convinced me to read Gears of War: Anvil
Gate, assuring me that it's widely considered one of the all-time great examples of the
written word.

Replay – The Smurfs

This week, we explore the shady origins of the blue Belgian cartoon sensations by playing their PS1 platformer.

Replay – StarCraft 64

Blizzard's latest masterpiece has arrived in the form of StarCraft II, but not every release has been perfect for the StarCraft franchise.