Replay – Super Star Wars

by Tim Turi on Nov 27, 2010 at 03:00 AM

Long before Knights of the Old Republic, long before Battlefront, and long before Rogue Squadron, there was Super Star Wars. This first entry in the 2D Star Wars action titles on the SNES was a take no prisoners affair that liberally altered the events of the classic trilogy. Only pure fans with freshly washed Ewok bedsheets, a replica lightsaber at their side, and a well-worn Yoda plushie could possibly endure such punishing gameplay. Asking who is the biggest Star Wars fan in the Game Informer office is kind of like asking which prequel is the worst, but how long do we last with Super Star Wars?

UPDATE: Here's the link to the funny video we mention in the Replay

Join Jeff Cork, Ben Reeves, Andrew Reiner, and myself as we voyage from Tatooine (so much Tatooine!) to the Death Star. We encounter tons of recognizable foes, and even more menaces that never graced the films. Why do sarlacs change so much, and since when are Jawas so aggressive? Thankfully, we've got a set of trusty codes to keep things moving this time as we marvel at this piece of 16-bit Star Wars history.

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