Replay – Obscure

by Tim Turi on Oct 30, 2010 at 05:30 AM

My love of survival horror titles is shared my much of the GI staff. Many of us soaked up every hour of Resident Evil 5's cooperative action, reveling it what many felt was the first true co-op horror experience. DreamCatcher Interactive beat Chris and Sheva to the 2-player punch with the 2004 PlayStation 2 title, Obscure. It features a ragtag crew of high school students as they investigate the death of a fellow student and battle an evil that emerges within their class halls. Is this last generation title a thrilling test of courage or a boring back to school slog?

Join Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and Jeff Marchifava and myself as we enter the dark world of Obscure, and stay tuned for the Replay Roulette afterwords. It really turns up the heat.

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