EA Shies Away From Wii U Development

by Jeff Marchiafava on May 16, 2013 at 01:16 PM

Wii U owners won't be playing games from EA's upcoming portfolio anytime soon, as a spokesman has revealed the company currently isn't working on any projects for Nintendo's console.

 "We have no games in development for the Wii U currently," EA's Jeff Brown told Kotaku. The news comes after recent announcements that both Battlefield 4 and Madden 25 will be skipping Nintendo's system, and while Kotaku states that Brown didn't rule out the possibility of EA developing more Wii U titles in the future, it's hard not to interpret this as a bad sign for Nintendo.

Earlier this month, EA announced that it laid off 10 percent of its workforce, and was reorganizing the company "behind priorities in new technologies and mobile." At the same time, EA signed a deal with Disney that gives the company exclusive publishing rights for Star Wars games, and announced a new Los Angeles-based DICE studio that will be working with the juggernaut IP. Could Wii U development simply be another casualty of EA's shifting focus?

EA promised continued Wii U support after last year's E3, and released a special edition of Mass Effect 3 for the system, but not the more-recent DLC. EA also released a Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted in March with some exclusive features. Now it appears EA has no desire to bring the rest of its current-gen titles to the Wii U, and we can't imagine the company's next-gen titles will be any easier to port to the console based on the horsepower we expect the PS4 and next Xbox to offer developers. Recently, EA DICE's technical director confirmed on Twitter that Frostbite 3 is not currently running on the Wii U. 

[Source: Kotaku]