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Blog Herding: Community Edition 03/15/12

by Game Informer Staff on Mar 15, 2012 at 06:00 AM

Last week witnessed a remarkable number of blogs, many of which focused on the release of Mass Effect 3. This week the numbers dipped slightly, presumably because the community is consumed with playing the final episode in Bioware's iconic series, which Game Informer rated a perfect 10.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: March 05 – March 11, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 73
Number of User Bloggers: 55
Number of User Blogs Herded: 9

Community Blogs:

The Truth That Deus Ex: Human Revolution Tells Us
Whether the developers intentionally wove a philosophical element into Deus Ex or not, Zero Gravity Ewok relays how the game made him think about social equality and the quest for progress.

Why I Don't Think Bioshock 2 Was A Letdown
While Bioshock 2 was released roughly two years ago to mixed reviews, some gamers like Masterassassin thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of the story and a trip back to Rapture.

Cream Of The Crop: 2012
In terms of epic video game releases, it's hard to predict if this year will be better than 2011. This blog by DrJoeystein reveals a few games due out this year that will give 2011 a run for the money.

Digital Universes: The World In The Box
Stranger shares his thoughts on a number of video games that expose the player to beautiful and captivating worlds that often make you forget they exist only in the digital realm.

The Dichotomy Of PCs/Consoles
After a lengthy absence from the community, veteran blogger BlackHeartedWolf returns with an enlightening piece discussing the relationship between consoles and the PC as a video game platform.

Please Input The Following Code To Unlock Blog
The debate surrounding online passes and whether to purchase video games new or used is not going to end anytime soon, and this blog by TOGNick does an exceptional job highlighting the finer points of the controversy.

The Makings Of A Hero
An interesting post by SamuraiZero analyzing the elements associated with constructing a hero character and the various personality types he categorizes them into.

A Console Gamer Takes Flight On The PC
Back in the day, flight simulators were a primary staple among PC gamers, but it's been awhile since we've been treated to a new one. Microsoft fixes that with the release of Flight, and Shootist2600 puts it through the paces.

Wii Who?
Blogging newcomer Hut shares his view on Nintendo's upcoming release of the Wii U, the first of the next generation consoles. Read his thoughts and see if you agree with his optimism for the new system.

Community Reviews:

It's Tricky
The latest installment in Craigaleg's video review series, this week he takes a look at SSX, EA's latest entry in the extreme snowboarding franchise. Check out the companion blog here.

Bioware Pulls Stephen King Move With Mass Effect
As you'd expect, there were quite a few user reviews for Mass Effect 3 this week, but what made this one unique and special was its Ozz0912 first time submitting a review. Not bad.

Good Scares Make For A Great Resident Evil
Playing the latest episode in the Resident Evil series, VincentV shares his thoughts on Revelations, a game that he awards a score of 9.5 out of 10.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
A solid review by AndyDwyer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Even though he only gave the game a score of 7.5, the thorough review aptly explains why he gave it the score he did.

The White Knight Falls Very Short
Jonathan Gipson reviews a game you may or may not have heard of called White Knight Chronicles. He awards the game 6.75 out of 10, while providing details why he thinks it's mediocre at best.

Syndicate: A Future I'm On Board With
Syndicate didn't receive as much fanfare as some had hoped, but footthumb describes an enjoyable experience in his review, while awarding the game a final score of 8.75 out of 10.

Community Podcasts:

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 2-22
What do you think the RITC crew talked about in their latest podcast? The same thing everybody else is talking about – Mass Effect 3. Of course they talk about other topics from the world of video games, so click the link and listen up.

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Video Game Quote of the Week:
"I have seen what comes of those who raise themselves above others". – Altaïr, Assassin's Creed