There is a natural order to all things.  The chicken creates the egg which creates the chicken.  Neither the chicken nor the egg can exist without the other.  This is much the same when it comes to the relationship between PCs and Consoles, and in more ways than you might realize.

Now before any PC/Console bashing gets going let me say this.  If you start a 'debate' on this subject I'm going to reach through the computer and "chicken" slap you.  There is no 'debate.'  Both had advantages, and both have disadvantages.  It's a matter of preference, and if you think your opinion is more important than any other person's on here then piss off.  This blog is about facts and the relationship that exists between PCs and Consoles.

Going back to the analogy it's easy to take it at face value and say 'why yes, it's true.  Neither the PC market nor the Console market would exist without the other.'  However I would say the analogy is much more than just that simple.  Instead I would like people to think of it like this.

The technological advancement in PCs brings about technological advancements for future Consoles.

Now that is still fairly simple, being that it is a relationship, but for now I want to focus on just this.  I think it's probably the most obvious relationship that exists. Consoles that we have now, are about the same as good-great PCs 5-6 years ago.  And that right there is one of the many reasons why PCs are coming back now.

It's an inevitable cycle regardless of games.  As consoles get older, people looking for the top-end gaming experiences move to PCs.  This is due to a number of factors, but most have to do with how fast technology advances.  The best example I can give is of Battlefield 3.  The differences between the PC version of the game and the Console version of the game are noticeable by pretty much anyone that sees the two.  The PC version runs smoother, looks better, and allows for a lot more to be going on (including 64 player matches which is IMO the real Battlefield experience).  It was my same argument when I denounced Bad Company 2.  The console version just feels like Battlefield: Lite. 

Especially when you also consider that the PC version can run at 1080p at over 60fps on a high end gaming PC. 

The list of examples though goes much beyond that.  Skyrim, Deus Ex, Portal 2, all play much better on PC than on Console.  And not just a little better, but much better.  And what is more important to note is that these games all released last year and all of them were born from PC centered developers, or made from PC centered prequels. 

This is in large part due to the cycle that I talked about earlier.  Because in addition to the cycle affecting technology it also affects games.

The standardization of consoles allows developers to push the limits of games and allows them to maximize the resources available to them.

It's no secret that the best console games come out at the end of the life of each console, but what people who aren't into PC gaming don't realize is that at the end of the console cycle is when PCs really pull away from consoles.  This occurs due to 2 main factors. 

1) Technology advances very quickly over a period of 4-5 years

2) As technology advances limits are able to be pushed further on a PC than on a console.

This means that for developers looking to make the best game possible they start on high-end PC development and then scale back what they need to for the consoles.  This creates a very noticeable difference when compared side-by-side.

It's also the reason why I'm anxiously awaiting my tax refund.  You see because this is the time for me to get into PC gaming again.  And apparently I'm not the only one thinking that way.

It's a natural cycle and it's starting again.  As consoles are outmatched more people take up the mouse and keyboard.  As new consoles come out, people go back to the controller.  It's the way things go, and I for one am happy to see it be like that, because it means that there is still life in gaming. And that I think we will all agree is a very good thing.


I hope you enjoyed my return to blogging.  I don't know how active it'll be because I really want to get back to doing more important blogs like this, however I don't want to forget the fun I had doing things like the WGWC.  For now though I'm going to ease back into it, and we'll see how it goes from there. 

As always though GI, happy blogging,