I absolutely LOVE Human Revolution. I have many reasons to, from the cyberpunk setting to a great story, different ways to update your augmentations and more.

But there's more behind the game, its philosophy. We, as a specie, strive to overcome our limits as human beings. Through centuries we built things that helped us overcome hard times, during hundreds of years we gathered more knowledge and experience, and these 2 things are getting passed to next generation to become smarter, to become more in this world.

-''We were cold, so we harnessed fire. We were weak, so we invented tools.''-Adam Jensen.

Nowadays, technology evolves with great speed, scientists come up with gadgets that will make our lives easier, more interesting. Human Revolution tells us a story that happened in 2027. It's a year of great progress, scientists achieved great heights in the field of bionic implants that will make us smarter, faster, stronger. And if this technology makes us higher humans, we become more important and have more influence in society. Of course this all sounds awsome and amazing, but progress has side affects. You see, in Human Revolution, in order to keep the implants in your body, you should take a special drug called Neuropozyne, if you don't, your body rejects the implant.

Not everyone can afford buying this drug, so people begin to die, there is havoc in society. People that were somehow affected by those victims of progress organize groups, they protest the companies that manufacture implants and say that implants are weapons against God.

I don't exactly agree with them, to be honest. Technology is neutral ground, progress can go to different people, with different approach to it, claiming that technology ( bionic augmentations, in that matter) are evil is incorrect. 

Human Revolution dives into the never-ending problem of equality in society, it tells us that, if people have more money than other people, equality will never be achieved, and it's expressed in different forms. 

Now progress and social equality, are, believe it or not, connected. People with more money can afford this drug that'll keep the implants in bodies, people that cannot afford it die. So the people that were affected by this begin to protest to slow progress down, to limit it.

I'd like analyse the first seconds of this video. This scene at the beginning where Adam with wings (symbolizing Icarus) flies to the sun and gets burned. My understanding of this scene is that Adam's wings represented progress, and freedom. Adam himself represented humanity, if you take progress too far, it'll just burn you. That's how I understand it.



Progress is not for everyone, only for the ones that can afford it can progress. The ones that can't begin to envy the ones that are better. Why can't we just get along and don't look at our physical appearances? 

We should know that we can't stop future, our technology progresses.

-''They cannot stop us , Adam. They cannot stop the future...''- David Sarif.

Of course, some people will try to control people via progress, via bionic implants. Corporations will try to control us.  *SPOILER* In Human Revolution, they invent a micro-chip that is implanted into peoples' brains to turn them into zombies *SPOILER END*. And, of course, corporations can benefit from that. 

As said in the trailer, corporations are more powerful than the government. That means that corporations can manufacture any implant they want, including mind-controlling devices. They want to control progress, that's when protesters play a role. They protest bionic implants, saying that they can control us, but they're lost and deluded. Protesting progress is like protesting pizza, which is completely useless and nonsense. In reality, they're protesting greedy corporations that try to benefit from progress, that try to control people.

These greedy corporations are giving companies that try to improve us bad names, and people generalize and think that progress in general is bad. It's like those immature kids that play games and like to insult are giving us gamers a bad name. So we try to prove to media that games are a legitimate media source. 

Adam Jensen, the main protagonist, does the same throughout the game. He fights the lies, the corrupted corporations that try to manipulate the world. He tries to prove to the simple people that progress is not always bad. That we, as human beings, try to improve ourselves, but we also try to find out the truth, and to find the truth we have to find the source of evil.

Adam tries to show that not all people that are augmented are corrupted, mind-controlled losers. In fact, David Sarif, the head of Sarif Industries is described as a man that is interested in bionic implants, as a honest man that wishes humanity only the best. But the people, ''fighters for justice'', are blinded by ignorance, these people see the exact thing that corrupted corporations want them to see. The protesters will cause chaos while the real bad guys try to take over the whole world.

Adam is trying to put an end to this, he tries to show the truth, he fights against a plan. He fights for progress, now I could describe Sarif Industries and other companies that manufacture implants as righteous angels, but I don't do it, because they're not necessarily right, they're just fighting illusions, they're trying to promote progress. And as I already said before, progress and technology are neutral grounds, they aren't bad nor good, progress is just here, and it will never stop.

Deus Ex tackles all these problems in society and in the world, and this is why it's my personal best game of 2011.

Well, that's my first blog after looong time, hope you enjoyed it :D