This is my first Resident Evil, but since completing this I've seen and played a little of the PS2 port-over of the Gamecube classic, RE4. I will try to keep minimal spoilers, so you won't get many significant spoilers, but maybe a few moderate ones. Common complaints include the characters Quint and Keith. I think Keith's great, but Quint on the other hand...he's not a fan favorite for good reasons. The largest issue is his voice actor, who is pretty bad. From the demo, you'll also find that Parker has a crappy accent. That's because the Developers at Capcom modified his lines due to a different route, to make the demo much easier, and much shorter as well. Thus, Parker's voice actor didn't quite give it his all, because it's only a demo. The graphics are detailed and stunning. Large areas are rendered in system, w/ lots of detail, and the frame rates hold up pretty well, even in 3D. In 2D, according to Wikipedia, anti-aliasing is used, though I didn't notice any significant differences. The story is divided into small chunks. You have 12 episodes, divided into chapters. In those chapters, they have a few save points that save automatically. You should be able to proceed from there, though sometimes you may regret wasting valuable ammo. Though I never encountered any impossible survival scenarios, I got close, so be conservative and resourceful. Try to scan everything, and scavenge for ammo anywhere and everywhere. Backtrack as a last resort. Don't waste a grenade when you don't have to, and keep your marksmanship up. Ammo can be in the places you least expect it, so look everywhere. Life herbs are used for health, as you probably know by now, and if you do, you know how much you have to ration them.

    Zombies are slow most of the time, and generally dumb, but they can get fast when they're close to you and on occasion, they can get a little smart. They have very gruesome mutations in contrast to RE4, and even gorier deaths, so you may think it's a little bit overkill, and I can't blame you. Be prepared for zombies to hide in the air vents, and more. They like to sneak out in front of you to be nice, and some aren't so nice; they come out only when you're reloading w/ your back to them, fighting another zombie. Bosses like the Comms. Officer and Rachael are dreaded w/ inevitable, punishingly-hard boss battles. They are insanely mutated, and think they either are human, or can still be helped by you (or at least are trying to trick you), respectively. The ship is very large, and have an abundance of zombies, journals, and environments. Twists in the storyline reveal a lot of things you wouldn't expect and didn't know changing your perspective on everything and everyone. The game manages to tell multiple stories, and reveals the nasty truth about Terragrigia w/ flashbacks. In the end, you will be surprised at how the game ended. It's a great ending, comparable to a RPG like Zelda, very rare for a survival horror game. After, you will have the appropriately titled Hell difficulty at your disposal.

    Raid Mode is a 2-player cooperative free-for-all. You can do it solo too. It consists of modified versions of every point in the game. It has 3 difficulties and 7 characters, w/ up to 3 different costumes for each of them. Ammo is abundant, but you will go through a lot of it in a single round. You can purchase upgrades, ammo, and new weapons for everything w/ BP, the game's currency, and Play Coins, so go get jogging (you can unlock these things too)! It's amazing, and I know you'll love it. Local and online multiplayer assures no matter where you are, no matter how many people you know, you'll have someone to play. The bonus stage is insanity, and me and this level 50 guy (0subarU & I was level 20 something) somehow survived. I had no life herbs, and no ammo for a majority of the time; I had to use it all early on, so most of the time I fended zombies off w/ only a knife. For an idea of our skill, now I'm level 42, and w/ a level 47 guy, we died 1/3 the way through. In other words, we should've died LONG ago back then, and you should too. I wish you lots of luck doing the near-impossible task.

    If you're new to the series like me, you should know that this game screws you over whenever it can, and you only get lots of ammo before a boss. This, however, is only video game common sense. If you're into these kinds of games, I have no doubt you'll love it, like me. This is all-in-all excellent, and worth not only $40, but the originally intended price of $50, before the last second change to $40 (due to Capcom finally getting it to fit on a cheaper, smaller game card). I'd highly recommend this to you. You will find over 10 hours of gameplay in the Campaign mode alone, and even more in Raid mode. With the Circle Pad Pro (which is amazing by the way), this is the definitive Resident Evil experience, and on the go for the icing on the wonderful cake.