We're back. Titus bought a Wii, Dean finished another Batman graphic novel, and Wes... well, he's just waiting for Mass Effect 3 to release. Enjoy the show. :) robotinthecorner.com

For those unfamiliar with our show, we talk about a lot more than the topics we list for the description.

Infinity Blade is pretty dang fun, especially on an iPad. 


Show Notes: 

On our next episode, we will for sure have impressions of SSX and Mass Effect 3. Titus is on vacation this week, and I expect him to play the heck out of both, HAHA! Wes got Mass Effect 3 and I now have my copy of SSX. I can't play Mass Effect 3 yet because 1. I can't afford it and 2. I'm still working on Mass Effect 2. :P


This week's Instant Queue movie is The Punisher (2004).