Much of E3's appeal is centered around surprises. What games will be announced? Will we see any exciting new hardware? Will someone catastrophically melt down on stage? Although there are a lot of uncertainties going into the show, you can count on one thing when it's over: There's a lot of coverage to sift through. Fortunately, we're here to help. We've compiled every E3-related story we've posted over the past several days into one massive recap, and also provided some solid starting points for those who are easily intimidated by massive lists.

There were hundreds of games to see at the show, but not everything was worth your time. If you're looking for an easy way to sort through the noise, we've got a few roundups to browse through. Our list of the Five Most Promising New IPs is a great place to start, as well as our list of the best indie games and a look at what's new in VR.

Super Mario Odyssey was one of the show's highlights, and it was a near-constant presence on Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream. You can check out our hands-on impressions on the game here, and also get answers to some of our admittedly silly questions about the game in our video interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. And if you're in the mood for more silliness, take a look at our video that counts down the Top Three Skyrims from E3 2017.

Ubisoft revealed a new CG trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, and while there's little – if anything – to see from the actual game itself, we spoke with the developers about what they're hoping to do with the eagerly anticipated sequel. On the subject of Ubisoft, we also announced that Assassin's Creed Origins is our next cover story. We've already posted several in-depth features based on extensive hands-on time with the game.

One of the more interesting reveals from the show was that Monster Hunter World was coming to consoles and PC in early 2018. The series has amassed a cult following over the years, but our preview looks at the game from the perspective of a newcomer. Is it a good place to start if you haven't been playing all these years?

State of Decay was another cult favorite, though its fans had to look past a host of technical issues to get to the fun inside. Does the sequel address those issues? It sure looks that way.

There's not enough time to highlight everything that we saw and played over the past few days, but those should give you a nice place to start. Check out the second page for our complete list of the show, with links to watch the press conferences in their entirety and read through dozens of hands-on previews, features, and special podcasts from the show.