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Daniel Tack

PC Editor

Since graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism, Daniel has covered interactive entertainment at a variety of outlets including Growing up with Atari 2600 classics, Daniel fell in love with games during long sessions with the original Final Fantasy. As the years went by, Daniel’s interests shifted away from consoles and toward the PC, where multiplayer online and indie titles were prevalent. Since then, Daniel has gravitated toward MMORPGs, MOBA/ARTS, DCGs, strategy, and modern roguelikes. Daniel enjoys poker, West Highland White Terriers, and a good cat gif.

test chamber

Test Chamber – Only If

Join Andrew Reiner, Daniel Tack, and Jeff Cork as they romp through Creability's upcoming puzzle/adventure title, Only if.
test chamber

Test Chamber – Hand of Fate

Meshing together elements of roguelites, action-rpgs, and tabletop
dungeon crawling, Hand of Fate creates an intriguing take on the dungeon

Exploring Freedom In EverQuest

It wasn’t just a game, it was an experience, and one of the most high
profile shared social experiences that set the wheels in motion to
create the modern MMORPG environment we see today.