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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Videos Make Japanese History Stylish

… Make Japanese History Stylish … Learn about four of the game’s huge cast of main characters in the Captivate 2010 …


Rush Limbaugh Defends Games As Art

… vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association has individuals that don’t often associate with video games …


Guilty Plea In Deadly Swatting Crime


EA Details And Opens Jacksonville Tribute Fund

… After a $1 million contribution from the publisher, individuals can now contribute to the venture to support the …


Five Things We Hope Happen At E3


Microsoft Boosting Kinect Accuracy?


Man Arrested For Sex With Underage Girl He Met In RuneScape

… There seems to be an infinite number of creepy, disturbed individuals on the Internet, and one was recently arrested …


10th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards Set For GDC

… Audio Network Guild Awards Set For GDC … The many talented individuals creating music, sound effects, and other audio …


The 'Next' Metal Gear Is Coming

… Gear Is Coming … Hideo Kojima is looking for talented individuals to work on the next Metal Gear game for "high-end …


Witcher II Dev Backs Off Pirate Hunt

… year, Witcher II developer CD Projekt RED began pursuing individuals who they believed were pirating its game. Now, …


ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus Coming To PSN

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Manage Your Menagerie In Zoo Tycoon