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Rush Limbaugh Defends Games As Art

by Meagan Marie on Oct 30, 2010 at 12:13 PM

On November 2, legislation that restricts the sale of video games to minors will be presented before the U.S. Supreme Court. The immediate relevancy of Schwarzenegger vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association has individuals that don’t often associate with video games weighing in on the subject matter. When a caller asked conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh about his thoughts on the current situation in Washington, Limbaugh came to the defense of video games without hesitation.

"Join me any time the government tries to impinge on anybody's speech," he said. "Join me when the government tries to tell you can't eat trans fat. Join me when the government gets involved in all these other behavioral and speech things that they try to tell you and control us we can't do: What kind of car we have to drive, whether or not we're responsible for global warming, the kind of lightbulb we have to have, where our thermostats are. Get on board, my buddy. If it's taken a video game to get you interested and have the light go off, to have you see what liberalism is all about, I'm glad to have you on our side, 'cause I agree with you. Leave your game alone. The people that put together these video games are artists in their own right. If you're gonna start saying that video games are raunchy, then how the hell do you leave cable television alone?"

You can read a full transcript of the exchange here.

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