Exclusive Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Media

… … Check out these three exclusive shorts showing off the distinctive low-fi visual style. … Exclusive Kane & Lynch 2: …


CosBlog #34: Aion Asmodian By Kamui

… of an Asmodian character, infused with Aion’s distinctive look. … CosBlog #34: Aion Asmodian By Kamui …


Zombie Profiles: Breaking Down The Brain-Eaters


Creating Character: Ten Faces We Won’t Soon Forget

… past. Instead, developers are making a point to flesh out distinctive, flawed and entirely fascinating protagonists. … …


Sega Sets Out To Stake Claim in the Cart-Racing Circuit

… of diverse characters, arcade play, fantastical tracks, distinctive vehicles, contextual power-ups, …


British Sci-Fi Author Consulting With EA


Disney Illusion Island Review – Joy In Simplicity

… Island doesn’t overhaul the platformer genre, but its distinctive no-combat focus on simply moving through Monoth …

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What Do You Love Or Hate About L.A. Noire?

e3 2011

Ubisoft Unveils Its Wii U Lineup


New Trailer For Level-5/Studio Ghibli RPG


Hands On With Papo & Yo

… of the most distinctive games shown at this year’s E3. Its unique art style is what caught most people’s attention. But …