CosBlog #34: Aion Asmodian By Kamui

by Meagan Marie on Sep 06, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Cosplayer Kamui impresses with her interpretation of an Asmodian character, infused with Aion’s distinctive look. A half a year of work and over a thousand dollars went into the project, and we can tell.


Who: The Character
Female Asmodian Plate Set from Aion - Tower of Eternity
Why: The Decision
Every year I try to improve my skills a bit and search for costumes that give me a new challenge. My goal is to learn about new techniques and materials with every costume and I always dreamt to build armor. One day I saw a commercial of Aion and was just stunned by the armor and character design of this game. I tried it, searched for references and picked up the hardest plate set I could find. I also love the history and the character of the Asmodian and knew that I had to cosplay one of them!
What: The Progress

It took half a year to finish this costume, despite the fact that my boyfriend painted a lot of the armor. After some planning I decided to use a combination of Wonderflex and craft foam for the armor. I was also very afraid of the wig, because I never styled one before. But the problem was not that I never built armor before, or that the materials were quite new to me. It was just an amazing amount of work steps for this costume. When I finished one part, two further parts were waiting for me.

This costume didn't want to get finished and I was very often disappointed about my failures. I built my breast armor three times for example and the paint was just crazy. But the hardest thing I had to solve was the fixing. I tried a lot of methods, until I choose to use a huge amount of Velcro tape in combination with buckles. Yes, this costume was really hard to realize. Despite of this I had a lot of fun, learned a lot from it and it was just awesome to finish such a huge project.

I guess, final cost is around 1300 USD, but I gave up with counting.
Where and When: The Debut

I debuted my costume on Animuc 2009, Germany. A photoshoot followed one month later, which was taken by my boyfriend, Benjamin Schwarz.

The Gallery

Links: The Cosplayer
You can follow all of my progress on my blog and my account.

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