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Replay is Game Informer’s weekly journey into the rich history of video games. GI editors dust off games from every genre and platform imaginable in an attempt to recapture the magic of the games we’ve all grown up with. Join us every Friday at 2pm CST to relive fond (and not so fond) memories from gaming’s glorious past.


Replay – X-COM

We go back to the turn-based inspiration for 2K Marin's upcoming shooter revival to see if it holds up.

Replay – Doom

We check out the grandfather of the modern shooter and discuss the concept of "fistols" on this week's episode.

Replay – The Thing

With the recent release of The Thing, a prequel to John Carpenter's
1982 film called The Thing, we thought it was time to replay the 2002
video game sequel, also called The Thing.

Replay – Quest 64

We take a look at one of the few RPGs for the N64 and sing some songs for your entertainment.

Replay – Dino Crisis 3

Do you think going to space will save you from dinosaurs? Wrong! The prehistoric thunder lizards leave Earth and reach for the stars in this bizarre action game.

Replay – Silent Hill

We relive the unnerving PSone survival horror classic. Has it retained its creepiness, or has time mellowed it?

Replay – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In the year 2011, four Minnesotans went back to experience Florida during the '80s through the prism of a game developed seven years ago in Scotland. Let the chaos ensue.

Replay – Mega Man 2

The NES title's tight gameplay, themed stages, and iconic bosses have
aged beautifully, and it's always a joy to take the Blue Bomber's second
outing for a spin.