Tail Of The Sun T-Shirt Design Winners Selected!

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 13, 2011 at 07:04 AM

After a long and heated discussion, the Super Replay crew has selected the winner of the Tail of the Sun t-shirt contest. We received dozens of entries, many of which displayed artistic talent and knack for t-shirt design.

We could choose only one winner, but we are picking five runners up to receive a special prize from the Game Informer vault. The six finalists are displayed on the first page of this story, with the remaining entries shown on subsequent pages. Winners will be contacted via email in the coming days.

Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, we cannot sell these t-shirts to the general public; we just make enough for the Super Replay team to commemorate the event.

I know you didn't click this story to read a bunch of text. Here are the runners up!

Art by Moronic Genius

Art by Nathan Schneider

Art by Jordan Yanchik

Art by Ian Richardson

Art by Diego Sanchez



Art by Jesper Selming (click to enlarge)

And here are most of the entries we received. We had to pull out a few, as we would have to age gate them, or blur out areas on the artwork.

Art by Mike Nevins

Art by Adachi

Art by Adam B

Second art by Adam B

Art by Alex Beahm

Art by Ahmed Yousif

Art by Bas Folmer

Art by Ben Cohn

Art by Billy Causey

Art by Brandon Taggart

Art by Chris Lowhorn

Art by Christer Solvik

Art by Forrest Sarles

Art by Jake Cobra

Art by Jake McGrath

Art by Keegan Frown

Art by Kyle Lock

Art by Logan Sizemore

Art by Luke Miller

Art by Nick Young Neil Generic

Art by Thomas Wegman

Art by Tim Anderson

Art by Thomas Waddle

Art by Trevor Blair

Art by Vince Vazquez

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