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Blog Herding: Community Edition 02/27/14

by Game Informer Staff on Feb 27, 2014 at 05:00 AM

Two months into 2014 and we have finally reached the point where things start to get exciting. A number of big titles are set to release in the near future as the video game industry starts gearing up for the trade shows and conventions just around the corner. Our band of bloggers stand ready to cover them and all sorts of other interesting topics.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: February 17, 2014 – February 23, 2014
Number of User Blogs: 58
Number of User Bloggers: 39
Number of User Blogs Herded: 11

Community Blogs:

Titanfall For Disabled Gamers
LetMeGetToACheckpoint, one of our dedicated advocates for accessibility features in gaming, evaluates how Titanfall is prepared to address these concerns when it releases next month.

Avenues BioShock Could Take
In response to the news about Irrational Games downsizing and focusing on other projects, The Destroyer considers a few alternative directions Bioshock could take, and they're pretty awesome.

Final Fantasy Is Not A Genre
The always entertaining and insightful musings of Jon Gregory take aim at the Final Fantasy series, with some interesting thoughts about the past, present, and future of the title.

My Top Five Choices In Gaming
Despite containing a few minor spoilers, Trenchmaces' blog about games that require you to make difficult choices that impact the outcome of the story is well worth a read.

Irrational Thoughts
While you might think this blog by John Wrek has to do with the recent announcement concerning the fate of Irrational Games, it doesn't. It's actually an interesting collection of various video game topics.

The Best Hub Worlds In Gaming
Just when you think xl9 couldn't come up with another crazy list, he does. This one might not take on the form of his traditional list blogs, but it does list his favorite gaming hubs that tie the levels together.

Drag Me To Katsucon
If you weren't able to attend Katsucon in person (or if you don't even know what it is for that matter), don't fret. Arkayde was there and shares the experience, and a few photos, in this blog.

Random Pick Of The Month – Killzone Liberation
Randomly picking a game each month and writing an analysis of the experience, seb100172 breaks out the PSP and tackles Killzone Liberation, an oldie but a goody from the Killzone series.

3 Multiplayer Games I'd Like To See On Wii U
Nintendo still hasn't released very many titles for the Wii U, so all many of us can do is dream about games we'd like to see on Nintendo's newest but struggling console,  like Irwin529 does here.

Zombie's Argument Against Microtransactions
It's surprising zombierecon's blog about microtransactions didn't get more attention since this business model is being used more and more. It's an interesting read and it isn't too late to check it out.

GIO Member Herding: Part 63 Of XX
Another wonderful episode of Member Herding, a fan-favorite feature curated by thegodofwine7, who interviews various members of the Game Informer community. See who was featured this week.

Community Reviews:

Threes Review
It's not very often we see reviews for casual games, but Threes has received a lot of fanfare from many gamers. Josh Kowbel puts it through the paces and tells us all about this number-matching game.

Import Review: Monster Hunter 4
LGAR, our connoisseur of Japanese games, analyzes Monster Hunter 4. Capcom's latest episode in the Monster Hunter series is available on the Nintendo 3DS and is coming to North America sometime soon.

Outlast Review (PS4) : I Outlasted Outlast, Can You?
If you like horror games and don't mind getting scared half to death as you play, you may be interested in checking out Outlast, which lovemeorshootme labels "the most terrifying game in some time."

Community Podcasts:

The 4th Floor: Season 3 Episode 1: Ushering In A New Dynasty
It's been awhile since we've heard from TOGNick, but he's back and brings with him the latest episode of The 4th Floor, the same old show but with a new format centered on being parents and gamers.

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Happy Blogging!

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Nintendo, the popular video game company, was actually founded in 1889 as a playing card company." ‏@OMGFacts