Online gaming is a pretty big deal these days. While Microsoft and Sony have been building their respective online infrastructures for several years now, Nintendo was late to the party, offering the bare minimum on the Wii. With the Wii U, the Big N has begun to take online gaming seriously with their Nintendo Network. Gone are the days of the hassle that was the friend code system, replaced with a simpler Network ID. There is just one problem: there aren't too many games to play online just yet.

There are some games on the horizon coming, like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Those two games will undoubtedly move Wii U's off store shelves and into homes, but Nintendo shouldn't stop there. With a new found user base, they should keep introducing first party games with extensive online modes. After all, all it takes is one game to make an online network the place to be. Halo put Xbox Live on the map. So what game can do the same for the Nintendo Network? I have a couple of ideas as to what they can be, along with what they can offer.

Star Fox

I believe Star Fox to be one of the more underrated franchises Nintendo owns. Sure, it hasn't been the same since Star Fox 64 (although I really enjoyed Star Fox Adventures) but I think Nintendo knows what Star Fox's biggest strength is: aerial dog fighting. Star Fox 64's multiplayer offered my friends and I countless hours of fun (aside from Goldeneye).

I believe the world is ready for Star Fox to make his grand return on Wii U, complete with a full online multiplayer mode. I could see something that offers players the ability to customize their own ships. As you rank up, you unlock new ships, such as the Arwing, and weapons to outfit your ship with. Maybe you can even unlock pilots, each with their own special abilities. For instance: Falco's ships are faster, Peppy has better handling, Slippy has a harder time shaking enemies, etc.

Metroid Prime

While most people want Nintendo to release a brand new 2D Metroid, I'd like to see Metroid Prime come back. Nintendo should have their own exclusive first person shooter, what with Microsoft having Halo and Sony having Killzone. And it's no secret that first person shooter's are what most people play these days, for better or worse. 

Metroid Prime online could function similarly to Halo in how players move around the map. They could even add in armor abilities, like Samus' signature ball form. There are two ways I can see the rest going. One is the standard FPS style, where ranking up unlocks new weapons and items. The second way can be in the spirit of Metroid's single player, where you explore the map to find new weapons and abilities to take on your enemies. They could even add in a horde mode for good measure.

Pokemon MMO

If done right, Pokemon would make for one great MMO. You start off in one of the multiple regions Pokemon has already introduced, such as Kanto, Hoenn or Unova. Your starter is based on the region you choose. You proceed to take on multiple quests, with the end of a particular quest coming after you defeat the gym leader. The many caves found in each region can serve as dungeons for you and your friends to raid, with the legendary Pokemon found within it serving as a boss battle. The handheld Pokemon games already provide upwards of 50 hours on gameplay, so just imagine how much an MMO can provide.

Those are just 3 of my picks for online games on Wii U. Anything you guys would like to see?