It's a triumphant return! Import review is back and what better game to get it started than Monster Hunter 4. Capcom returns to the 3ds with the next installment of the ever popular Monster Hunter series. MH4 is even getting a upgraded version, and even a US release coming next year. But does this game reach the heights 3G (3U in the US) or does it fail to live up.


Monster Hunter 4 is a nice mixture of old and new, and as such that proves to be the games biggest strengths and well it's biggest downfalls. For people looking for a new experience from the series sorry to disappoint. Many of Monster Hunter's concepts return. The story is weak, and is simply a means to give you reasons to hunt monsters. Hunt said monsters, use the monster parts to form armor and weapons, and then back to hunting. The simple hunting and gathering concept can be quite addicting, but seriously frustrating when you miss one material to craft an amazing weapon. But it's the thrill of the hunts that keep you wanting to come back and make that amazingly cool looking armor.


As for new things they are few and far between. The story, while boring, does take you different areas making sure you aren't bogged down with one simple town. It isn't a big change, but it is nice. There are also 2 new weapons to consider. The charge axe, and the insect rod. The charge axe is half sword and shield, half axe. It's a nice weapon to get started on with the simplicity of the sword and shield, but adds the complexity of the axe as well as the combo ability and charge ability. The charge lets you unleash stronger attacks, but only for 3 swings then needs charged again. The insect rod is the more interesting of the two consisting of a.. well insect and rod. The insect can be thrown and sent out to monsters to afflict things like poison or simply steal health. The rod can launch you up on top of monsters to deal good damage. Both are welcome additions to a great lineup of weapons. Lastly the newest addition is online play, and insures you will spend dozens upon dozens of hours on your 3ds playing this game.

The Charge Axe is a cool new weapon! 

The best part of the game is the Monsters though. Monster Hunter 4 delivers, with some very good new monsters such as Goa Magara. They also mix some good older monster such as Zingore, and the always popular Rathian. The new monsters are very fresh and many of them provide some of the collest looking armor I've seen in Monster Hunter. It makes me wonder if the Ultimate version will add in even more. The game does do away with water battles, so no more duels with Plesioth or Lagiacrus. There is also a surprising lack of levels, and sometimes 1 level can be used for 2 different areas, one just full of lava requiring you to keep cool.

Goa Magara is ready to destroy you, and everything you stand for! 

In short though Monster Hunter 4 is a terrific game. Not only adding new monsters, but even bigger adding online play. As it is right now Monster Hunter 4 reaches very high and does not disappoint. And right now it leaves me wondering how much better it can get when the Ultimate version of this game is released. 




-New Monsters


-new weapons


- No story... still

-not many areas