The Payday 2 Web Series Gets A Painful Fifth Episode

by Mike Futter on Sep 04, 2013 at 12:48 AM

Episode 5 of the Payday 2 web series is out and while the acting hasn't gotten any better, at least the plot is holding our attention. Crimenet is more sinister and far-reaching organization than anyone knows (except for one FBI Special Agent). They even have assassins.

In this episode, Bain tasks a killer named Greta with obtaining a fortune in bearer bonds (and eliminating everyone in between her and the briefcase). Just ignore all the factual inaccuracies along the way (CIA subpoenas of American citizens, diplomatic envoy to the Federal Reserve, a wire fraud agent being assigned to a violent theft). Well, at least Payday 2 is a good game (as evidenced in our review).

If you're interested in catching up on the Payday 2 web series, you can watch the episodes here:


Our Take
Live action shorts can be done very well as 2K Games and Bungie/343 Industries have shown. In this case, the campy presentation is good for a laugh. The penultimate scene in this episode is one line away from "give me your badge and gun!" (and that's just fine by me).