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Payday 2

Watch Episode 3 Of The Payday Web Series

Overkill Software and 505 Games released episode 3 today of the Payday live-action web series. The newest entry picks up right where episode 1 and episode 2 left off. Each episode is between six and eight minutes long.

Episode 3 begins to unravel a connection between the Payday Crew and a larger threat, and reveals two new characters – Hector and Lucas.

Check out our preview for Payday 2, which comes out this August for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

  • Matt, Matt, Matt. You should of all people should know that I'm afraid of clowns and anything clown-related (because of our telepathic quantum mechanical connection). That picture on the front page? Scared the bajeebies out of me. WHY DID YOU SCARE ME? WHY!? Now I REFUSE to watch this video! DJFNTKDHFJS!! OT: I might be getting this game, I enjoyed certain part of the first one when I was forced to play it. But I don't know, based on the physical trauma I just endured (I really am afraid of clowns, lol).
  • Two heists game in two months huh. Do I see the birth of a new genre possibly?
  • those graphics are pretty good.

  • This series is SOOO cheesy, but I love the game, am excited for the second game, and will gladly eat this stuff up.

  • Is he wearing a skullcandy gaming headset?
  • Hope this game turns out good. Me and my friends are looking for a new, fun co-op game to play together.

  • These are so good

  • Beta Has been a ton of fun. 1000x improvement on the first. The unlocks are a little slow with the new cash system though