e3 2011

What Wasn't Shown At E3?

by Matthew Kato on Jun 11, 2011 at 08:52 AM

E3 is the chance for all the developers and publishers in the industry to show what they've got. But that doesn't mean that they bring all the games they're working on to the convention. Here's a look at some of the titles that didn't make it to the show this year.

Of course, there are lots of reasons a company doesn't show a certain game at E3. Sometimes they want to highlight other games that might be coming out sooner. Or perhaps the title simply isn't in a state to be shown.

Some of the games listed below are actual titles we already have heard about (ex. May Payne 3), and others are merely franchises that currently don't have any announced games for them – like Kingdom Hearts, but we're pretty sure that will exist in due time.

Enjoy these games...or rather, imagine them, if you will.

Note: This list is not exhaustive!

2K Games
    Max Payne 3
    Mafia III
    The Civilization series
    Spec Ops: The Line
    Borderlands 2

    Sledghammer's Call of Duty title
    Bungie's game
    The Guitar Hero series
    James Bond game (Raven Software)
    The Tony Hawk series

    Alone in the Dark PSN/PS3 (game was leaked by the ESRB)

    Doom 4

    Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Announced for Kinect at TGS 2010 show)

    Grid 2

    Anything from Black Rock Studios
    Anything from Junction Point Studios

Electronic Arts
    Project RedLime (Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot)
    The Respawn Entertainment game (reportedly a sci-fi shooter)
    The Command & Conquer series
    Jack the Ripper (Visceral)
    Medal of Honor
    Dante’s Inferno 2
    Burnout Crash (listed by the ESRB)
    The Skate series
    EA Sports' Four New Sports Games (one of which is believed to be NFL Blitz)
    Mirror’s Edge 2
    Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    The Contra series
    The Castlevania series

    A Xbox 360 price drop
    Lionhead's Milo demo/game
    Gears of War: Exile
    The Viva Pinata series
    2010 TGS Japanese Kinect Games
        Codename D – Grasshopper
        Haunt – Parappa the Rappa creator
        Project Drago – Phantom Dust Creator

    Wii Vitality Sensor
    Retro's Wii U title

    Grand Theft Auto V
    Bully 2

    Shenmue 3 or Shenmue City
    Bayonetta 2
    Alien game (Creative Assembly)

    PlayStation 3 price drop   
    Syphon Filter 4 (rumored to be at the show)
    The Last Guardian
    ModNation Races 2 for PS3
    Quantic Dream's game
    The Gran Turismo series
    God of War 4 (rumored to be at the show)

Sony Online Entertainment
    The PlanetSide series

    The Kingdom Hearts series
    Dragon Quest X (Wii)
    Dragon Quest 3 (3DS)
    Chocobo Racing 3D (3DS)
    Final Fantasy 3DS
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Final Fantasy Type-O (PSP)
    Thief 4
    Fortress (Former Grin-developed FF spin-off)

    The Devil’s Third
    WWE Brawl
    Insane (Guillermo Del Torro's project)

    Beyond Good & Evil 2
    Battle Tag
    I Am Alive
    Might and Magic: Heroes VI
    EndWar 2
    Splinter Cell: Retribution

    Anything Half-Life