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Blog Herding: Community Edition 02/04/11

by Annette Gonzalez on Feb 04, 2011 at 07:00 AM

Check out this week's community blog picks!

Dead On Arrival: Handhelds In A Mobile Market
Mobile gaming is becoming more prevalent these days. Can the 3DS and NGP harmoniously co-exist with mobile devices? Tenzen explores the topic.

Video Games: Politicians Whipping Boy?
Di5a5terp13ce discusses the controversy between Call of Duty and the recent bombing in Moscow.

Who Needs Training? I Was Born For This!

DSTUBBS pays homage to three men who defied all odds in gaming.

When Cheap Writing Cheapens Everything

Oftentimes in our society, stories with little substance overshadow impressive pieces of work. What happened to quality? DarkLadySarai explains.

The Community News Review: Jan 24th-28th

Demon Ragnarok leads community discussion on hot topics in the industry.

In Anticipation Of Spec Ops: The Line
Remember Spec Ops: The Line? Vurtax expresses his enthusiasm for a game that’s been under the radar.

Dissecting Black Ops Multiplayer: Understanding Custom Classes (Complete)

Eyros2k breaks down custom classes.

Game Informer Online: User Blog Statistics (Jan.)

Saint provides a numerical look at blog activity.

Woah! What time is it? When A Game Is Too Immersive

Gamebeast23456 shares reasons why we sink so much time into games.

Staff blogs you may have missed: Sean writes a love letter to GIO. Kato is worried about NGP pricing.

NOTE: I'll be out of town next week for D.I.C.E. so Blog Herding will be taking a short break, however that doesn't mean you should stop blogging! Herding will resume the following week with an extra large post!

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