Gamers, like most other people who really enjoy doing pretty much anything, have a tendency to get very absorbed into a game. I don't mean they go psycho and think they are literally in the game- I just mean that they kind of shrug off the cares of the world and begin to forget they have a controller in their hands- it's almost like things are just happening on the screen as we think they should...

And if a game is really good, we even tend to play it for excessive amounts of time. An hour, three hours, five hours- it all seems to flash by in a matter of minutes. Usually, we have some sort of support railing that can wake us up and make us remember- "Hey, idiot- you got to go do something important for (insert occupation)"

But on the weekends, I don't ever see these rails. I blow right through them, and if I even think for a second about actual responsibilites I usually brush them aside with the good ol' "I'll get around to it-" excuse. Sometimes we get to a part we can't beat in a game, like a boss battle or an insanely hard puzzle- and we look at the clock and say "Woah! I should have been asleep hours ago!"

I don't know what to call this phenomenon- but I know what causes it.



Sometimes we are playing a game online, like Call of Duty, and we get in a game with a guy who is really good. No matter what we try, we cannot beat the guy! But we keep thinking that eventually we are bound to beat them, so we keep playing. Generally, this does end when the better player quits- but not always.

I didn't see that coming! What's going to happen next?

If Lost or a Stephen King novel were a GOOD game... this would happen to me. To some degree, Uncharted 2 even did this, as did Black Op's story. You keep being placed in all of these heart-pumping situations that seem to stack set piece after set piece to make something you can't stop playing. (Bookworms such as myself have experienced this before...)

Just one more...

Some games give you a plethora of upgrades, unlocks, Acheivements, or Trophies that you almost feel compelled to aquire. While this is, of course, just an example of me falling into another trap set by Activision, it works.

Eventually it MUST get good...

Some games you almost expect to blow your mind and staple your legs into your gaming chair- and when your mind is in one piece you keep thinking that eventually a game has to get better, so you keep playing. Unless, of course, the game in question is so terrible you cannot play it...

So what kind of games kept you playing into the wee hours of the night, and why?

 Blog NEWS!!!

Tommorow, I may be making a blog that has to do with two topics- Video games and music. That's all I'm divulging.