Ask yourself if aliens attacked earth this minute, what would you do? Would you hide? Or would you take the fight to them. Some of us might have experience with guns while some probably never even held one in their hand. So you do know how to fire a weapon, good for you. You have military experience? Awesome. You got a race of a million aliens ready to rip your head of, now go get'em!

Okay let's get to the point here, any of us would probably be screwed. But tell that to the three guys I have pictured above. Whether it was lifeforms from another planet or crazy monsters that came from your imagination these three were not phased. A physicist, engineer, and a writer. This is a little homage for these men who defied all odds.

Gordon Freeman - Half-Life series

Ah yes. Everyone's favorite theoretical physicist. What was a normal day at work for Mr.Freeman turned upside down after an experiment went terribly wrong and unleashed an alien race upon Black Mesa. While none of his colleagues stood a chance Freeman wasn't going down without a fight. And he did much more than hold his ground. After fighting waves of aliens throughout the facility and being teleported to another world to do more battle Gordon was victorious. Well sort of. We can go on about the adventures Gordon has embarked through his games but it's how did this M.I.T graduate was able to it off. I wasn't aware M.I.T offered courses in combat training. Not to mention he had to hold off plenty of soldiers with said training in the first game. Throw the man a crowbar and all of a sudden he's Rambo. After playing these games I know better now to never get in a fight with a physicist. There tougher than they look.

Isaac Clarke - Dead Space series

Once again someones normal day on the job turned into a fight to save the human race. On a simple repair mission to the USG Ishimura systems engineer Isaac Clarke was instead thrown into a fight against an ancient alien species. His weapon of choice? A plasma cutter. A tool designed to cut metal, not necessarily made to sever aliens limbs. But that didn't stop Isaac from killing every alien aboard that ship and stopping the spread of infection made by the mysterious alien artifact know as "The Marker." Or so we thought it was brought to the end. Not much is known about Isaac's past. All we know is he's an engineer, and a dang good one at that. What we do know is throw him a tool to cut metal and he's a killing machine.

Alan Wake - Alan Wake series

Alan here was suffering from a writer's block and to help his wife took him on a vacation to the wonderful town of Bright Falls. What was supposed to be some relaxing time off became a nightmare. Literally. After Alice disappeared Alan ventured out but was confronted by monsters created by his own imagination. Using the power of his trusty flashlight and revolver Alan blinded and shot anything that got in his way. A man who had more trouble finishing his book took down monsters who threw everything they could at him. Which included trees, cars, and maybe a freight train. I'll have to check on that one. But yeah you can't scare this fiction writer. The again the bad guys came from his head so I guess it help he knew the enemy.

I'm sure there's others that have pulled off feats that compares to what these heroes did. This just goes to show ya with some determination, and maybe a little luck, nothing is impossible.