Genshin Impact’s Next Big Inazuma Update Arrives September 1

by Daniel Tack on Aug 20, 2021 at 11:52 AM

Are you ready to explore even more of Inazuma? The lush purple horizons, cherry blossoms, and electrical energy are about to get even wilder. Free-to-play Genshin Impact gets the next major update soon on September 1, which is adding a ton of content to the most recent area to come to the game. Yep, there are new playable characters coming, and everyone is going to be trying to add Raiden Shogun to their ranks. I hope you’ve been stockpiling those primogems away. 

New bosses? New minigames? Sure, they’re all coming too! While the majority of the new activities in 2.1 take place in Inazuma, players can head back to Liyue to participate in less stressful endeavors. Cooking, treasure hunting, and that kind of revelry are going on in Liyue while the action is happening in Inazuma.  There’s a lot going on in this content patch, check out a trailer below for a taste.

For PlayStation players that reach adventure rank 20 or above, they can add Aloy to their ranks. Yes, the character from Horizon Zero Dawn. She’s in Genshin Impact now! What a collaboration, hunh? Not on PlayStation? That’s okay, you can get Aloy when 2.2 hits, but for now she’s basically an early access option for PlayStation players.

Perhaps the most interesting addition for those that want to really chill inside Teyvat is fishing. That’s right, you can catch all kinds of fish in 2.1 and even bring them back to your player housing and set them up in a Pool of Sapphire Grace for viewing and meditation. There may even be super rare fish (and something bigger!) out there to discover for those that take the route to become expert anglers. Would someone really just stop everything and focus on upgrading their fishing skills to catch.

Are you enjoying Genshin Impact? Is Aloy going to bring you into the game or back? How about fishing? Let us know in the comments, when they are available again!

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