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Battlefield 2042 Replaces Combat Classes With Specialists, But Who Are They & What Do They Do?

by Jason Guisao on Jun 10, 2021 at 10:08 AM

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The pre-E3 Battlefield 2042 festivities are already off to a strong start. The exciting cinematic footage from yesterday revealed the massive scale of each playable map, the sheer chaos of moment-to-moment action, and the awe-inspiring tactical decisions that dynamic weather effects can bring to each match. However, technical and visual changes aren’t the only new content coming to the latest installment in Dice’s beloved FPS franchise. Gone are the days of combat classes. Instead, Battlefield 2042 replaces these age-old roles with specialists; potentially bridging the gap between lore-based narrative and multiplayer-focused game modes.

The four distinct combat classes that have appeared in previous Battlefield games are as follows: recon (snipers), assault (your tried and true run-and-gunners), support (medics), and engineer (fixer-uppers and heavy ordnance experts). Each role had a limited repertoire of firearms to choose from and class-specific abilities - from repairing damaged tanks to reviving fallen teammates with a syringe or defibrillator. The new specialists are characters that can use any weapon of choice. Each comes with their own name, place of birth, specialty (active ability), and trait (passive ability). As of right now, only four specialists have been revealed, with ten slated to be available at launch. 

But Who Are They & What Do They Do?

Wikus “Casper” Van Daele

Place of Birth: South Africa / Class: Recon / Specialty: OV-P Recon Drone / Trait: Movement Sensor

Casper is an introvert; reserved and even outwardly cold towards others from time to time. Simply put, he’s the perfect soldier for recon work. His OV-P Recon Drone can spot targets moving around nearby, and a built-in EMP charge can disorient anyone foolish enough to try to ambush him. An added bonus is that he can also utilize his drone to highlight lock-on targets for allies in the vicinity. His Movement Sensor passive is similar to his active ability in that it alerts him when players are approaching. In other words, Casper has eyes in the back of his head at all times.

Webster Mackay

Place of Birth: Canada / Class: Assault / Specialty: Grappling Hook / Trait: Nimble

Mackay is ex-military but that doesn’t make him any less elite when taking to the battlefield alongside his specially trained peers. Each firefight he takes part in, however, is far more personal for him than anyone else: he’s working tirelessly to correct mysterious mistakes that he made when he served. His Grappling Hook attaches to surfaces and catapults him into advantageous positions (perhaps, it’ll serve some ludicrous use when tornados enter the fray). And his Nimble trait gives him higher ADS speeds. If you’re looking to sprint into a building and wipe out a squad with unmatched proficiency, Mackay is your man

Maria Falck

Place of Birth: Germany / Class: Support / Specialty: S21 Syrette Pistol / Trait: Combat Surgeon

Ah, yes, the support class; my favorite. If you’re like me, then you’ll probably be committing hundreds of hours to mastering Falck’s kit. As you’d expect, she’s no pushover. What you might not know is that Falck is looking for her son David. Her many battles will take her across the world in search of him. A Syrette Pistol replaces the health pack that so often got us thankless healers killed on the front lines. Conversely, she fires syringes from a safe distance to provide healing. Of course, these same syringes can be used to damage adversaries. Combat Surgeon gives her the opportunity to revive downed teammates to full health, an ability that will likely lead to the demise of any unwary Battlefield players.

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

Place of Birth: Russia / Class: Engineer / Specialty: SG-36 Sentry Gun / Trait: Sentry Operator

Boris is your hard-nosed, albeit power-hungry, engineer specialist. His SG-36 Sentry System is an automated weapon that targets and engages with opponents on its own. And his Sentry Operator trait lets him spot any enemies that his turret might come across. Players will probably get a lot of value out of Boris by setting up his sentry gun at high-traffic areas or choke points. While I’d never condone camping, he might also be best suited for hunkering down and defending command points.

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