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How Battlefield 2042 Tailors An All-Multiplayer Game For Single-Player Fans

by Liana Ruppert on Jun 09, 2021 at 10:10 AM

Battlefield 2042 takes players into the near future in a world ravaged by the most profound refugee crisis known to man. In this world space, players will become  Non-Patriated, also called Non-Pats for short. Non-Pats are farmers, engineers, soldiers - they are the survivors, they are the fighters that don’t fight for a flag. They fight for the future of the known world. While combat-ready specialists are a part of that, this is less of a military regime and more of a fight for what those think is right. An interesting spin, but still with the high-tech military gear.

2042 does things a little bit differently for this gen, eschewing the usual single-player vs. multiplayer component, and instead offers players a hybrid experience. When I first learned that there was no single-player, I was bummed, but the more I learned about 2042, the more I understood what the vision was going into this new game. On the online side of the equation, DICE is pushing this shooter to the limit by upping the player count to 128 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. PS4 and Xbox One players are downsized to 64 to preserve the experience, though the studio promises that the lower player count will not impact the game’s overall style and feel. 

For those worried about Battlefield 2042 only being a multiplayer experience, there is some good news. DICE assured Game Informer that the decision to do things a little differently wasn't meant to alienate fans and that the maps and new modes are something special and meant to be enjoyed by all. For those that want to play the new Battlefield but maybe don't have friends with similar interests, every map and mode will offer the option to play up against AI instead. Same fun, less pressure, and less trash talk. Huzzah! 

With more of a focus on multiplayer, there are three core experiences at the heart of Battlefield 2042. There’s All-Out Warfare, the next generation of fan favorites Conquest and Breakthrough. Paired with the largest maps in the history of the Battlefield franchise, All-Out Warfare is designed to be freeing, intense, and pure chaos. That chaos is ramped up to 11 by dynamic weather changes, evolving world events, and … oh yeah, freaking tornadoes. 

Tornados, dust storms, and more ravage the maps while players battle it out. DICE tells us that players can choose to either stay out of a tornado’s path or harness its power to gain the advantage. No matter which way you spin it, taking out a sniper by using a giant natural disaster? Sounds pretty epic, if you ask me.

The second multiplayer experience is Hazard Zone. This aspect is all about high-stakes and communicating with your squad. This is a more modernized take on the Battlefield experience and stands on its own, completely different than that of All-Out Warfare. 

The final aspect of the multiplayer experience is still a secret, something DICE will reveal more about this July. That being said, the studio did give us a cheeky smile when saying that longtime lovers of this particular shooter series will feel “right at home.” 

We'll have a more in-depth breakdown of Battlefield 2042 later this week, so stay tuned! 

Battlefield 2042 arrives on October 22 on all platforms.