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    Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC And What We Want From Gotham Knights | GI Show

    by Alex Van Aken on Oct 21, 2021 at 02:43 PM

    On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, our latest hire, Wesley LeBlanc, joins the crew to discuss the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Horizon's upcoming Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, House of Ashes review impressions, as well as game announcements from the recent DC Fandome event. Specifically, we talk about what we want from Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

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    Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

    00:00:00 – Introduction
    00:02:41 – Wesley LeBlanc Intro
    00:10:33 – Animal Crossing DLC News
    00:23:36 – Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
    00:40:55 – Gotham Knights
    00:50:37 – Sora In Smash Bros. Ultimate
    01:01:54 – Poké
    mon Unite
    01:03:17 – Dead By Daylight
    01:04:14 – Tetris Effect: Connected 
    01:07:30 – House of Ashes Review Impressions
    01:23:33 – Housekeeping
    01:29:22 – Listener Questions

    Topic Of The Show:

    What We Want From Gotham Knights And Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

    This past weekend's DC FanDome virtual event showcased several trailers in the DC Comics video game universe. First, WB Montreal debuted a new story trailer for Gotham Knights that showed Penguin warning Nightwing of a secret society called The Court of Owls that runs the city of Gotham in secrecy. Next, the fan-loved game studio Rocksteady revealed a trailer for their upcoming game, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. For this week's Topic Of The Show, the Game Informer crew discusses all of these announcements and shares what they want from these upcoming superhero games. 

    The Playlist:

    Game Informer staff discuss the games they're playing.

    The Halloween season is in full effect so Marcus shares his House of Ashes review impressions and talks about why the game is more of an action thriller than it is a horror game. Stadnik and Wesley discuss how it feels to finally be playing Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Van Aken is loving Tetris Effect Connected on his new Nintendo Switch OLED model. That screen is shiny!

    Listener Questions:

    The Game Informer crew answers your burning questions.

    This week's awesome crop of listener questions asks us about basic game mechanics we never knew existed in our favorite games, whether Death's Door could win Game Of The Year at this year's Game Awards, and which characters we would choose to win the video game version of Squid Game.

    Read their questions below, or submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

    Hello GI numbers, I have good news and bad news.  You are joining the video game squid games.  You could win this giant piggy bank of rupees or you could be stuck playing only ET on Atari for the rest of your life. The first game is Street Fighter, which character do you choose? The second game is Smash Bros, which character do you choose? The third game is your choice, which game from your childhood do you choose? P.S. Doesn’t matter which version of street fighter and smash, just have fun! – Matt from near Philly
    What's something that seemed to be a super basic part of a game that you didn't learn about until months or years after playing it? Something akin to a mechanic of a game you didn't know about when you played as a kid, but that someone else told you about as an adult, or realizing that it exists going back to it (my example would be not comprehending the fact that you could zoom in with some guns in Halo CE as a kid) - That One Random (Discord)
    Hey Game Informer crew. Do you think an indie or smaller title like the amazing Death’s Door could win the GOTY at the VGA? – Danphantom77 (Discord)

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