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    Saints Row Cover, Metroid Dread, and Far Cry 6 Reviews | GI Show

    by Alex Stadnik on Oct 07, 2021 at 03:00 PM

    Welcome back to a massive episode of The Game Informer Show! This week, we have so much to discuss, including Sora coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, our latest cover story featuring Saints Row, and our reviews of Metroid Dread and Far Cry 6. On top of that, we're discussing our review of the Nintendo Switch OLED and have some fun with community emails, all while joined by special guest Kate Sánchez from the pop culture website But Why Tho to break it all down.

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    Check out the timestamps below to jump to a particular point in the discussion:

    00:00:00 – Introduction
    00:02:16 – Kate Sá
    nchez Intro
    00:09:46 – Sora In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    00:24:33 – Saints Row Cover Impressions
    00:39:14 – Metroid Dread Review
    01:01:57 – Far Cry 6 Review
    01:32:31 – Nintendo Switch OLED Review
    01:47:38 – Housekeeping
    01:51:22 – New Podcast Announcement
    01:53:36 – Community Emails

    Topic Of The Show:

    Saints Row Cover Story

    This month's exciting Game Informer cover story is focused on the new Saints Row reboot. Alex Van Aken, Brian Shea, and John Carson are here to break down their exclusive hands-on time with the game. The gents go in-depth on developer Volition's newest entry in the series, including talks about gunplay, vehicular destruction, and how the city will play a huge role when the title launches on February 25, 2022.

    Check out the coverage hub here.

    The Playlist:

    Game Informer Staff discuss the games they're playing.

    This week's playlist is one of the biggest of the year. Ben Reeves is here to kick things off with his review of Metroid Dread and discuss why even though Samus' first new 2D adventure on the Switch feels like a familiar ride to those who love the series, it nevertheless shouldn't be missed. Next up Shea, Kate, and Van Aken discuss their thoughts on Far Cry 6 and regale us with why there's plenty of highs and lows in Ubisoft's latest open-world title. Finally, Stadnik is here to wrap the segment with his review of the Nintendo Switch OLED and tell us why he thinks Nintendo's new console is perfect for undocked players but struggles to wow those who prefer their gaming on the TV.

    Read our Metroid Dread review here.

    Listener Questions:

    The Game Informer crew answers your burning questions.

    This week's lovely listeners bring the fun to the show with questions on how gaming has been both a positive and negative in our lives and how it feels for GI to be hitting its 30th anniversary!

    Read their questions below, or submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

    What is an aspect of your life in which gaming has had a positive impact? Conversely, what is an aspect in which gaming has had a negative impact? - BiscuitsWithDavey (discord)

    Hello Informers, my name is Roly. I write to you today to talk about the 30th anniversary of this beloved staple of gaming media we call Game Informer and ask what does it mean to you (whoever is on the podcast at the time) to be part of the magazine's history and will there be any special celebrations? Will you produce some videos or publish some articles and then pull them out of the website (wink, wink Nintendo)? I personally became a reader/fan/follower in 2011, and the last 10 years with you have been delightful! PS having a printed gaming magazine in 2021 feels special, and I hope it can continue for the next 30 years, also if you need a fighting games resident advisor, I'm here for you. Thank you for all you do! -Rolando Lopez (email)

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