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Kimberley Wallace

Features Editor

Kimberley discovered her passion for games at an early age, forming a love for RPGs. A University of Iowa graduate with degrees in Journalism and English, she knew that combining games and writing was the only way to go for her career. Previously a freelance writer, Kimberley's work has been featured in Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Joystiq. She strives to showcase the positive influence of games, something she has first-hand experience with, having games as a part of her pain management for a chronic illness. Besides her life revolving around cutscenes, she's also an avid hockey fan. Sorry, Minnesota – the Blackhawks will forever own her heart.


New Paragon System Coming To Diablo III

Have you capped out at level 60 in Diablo III? Looking for some motivation to keep clicking besides rare item drops? Thankfully, the Paragon System, which will be introduced in patch 1.0.4. is here to remedy that.