Moments: Final Fantasy X’s Awkward Laughing Scene

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 07, 2012 at 05:46 AM

I can’t think about Final Fantasy X without reminiscing about that awkward laughing scene between Tidus and Yuna. A lot of people dislike this scene, but I absolutely adore it because it was the instant I knew Tidus and Yuna had something special.

What I loved so much about Final Fantasy X was watching Tidus and Yuna’s bond deepen. Final Fantasy X gave me front row seats to their unfolding romance, but this wouldn’t be a fairytale movie where everything was perfect. No second takes, no overtly glorifying the romance – Final Fantasy X gave you full access to two characters’ souls, complete with bloopers and dark moments. That’s part of the reason the laughing scene worked so well – you were embarrassed for both characters. But wasn’t it also realistic? How many times have we embarrassed ourselves in front of someone we like? Nervous, exaggerated laughs go hand-in-hand with having a crush.

This scene is much deeper than just the laughing, though. Tidus and Yuna are two depressed souls – so much darkness and unfortunate circumstances have been thrown their way. The moment allows both of them to let loose and find a friend in one another, which makes it all the more touching.

As seen in the video below, before the laughs commence, Yuna talks to Tidus about how she learned to practice smiling when feeling sad. At first, Tidus gets embarrassed as he attempts to smile and laugh out loud for Yuna, but then he lets go completely. That’s what makes this laughing scene; you can’t help but smirk as Yuna tells him to stop, but then joins in on the mirth. Yuna then lets Tidus know she wants her journey just like this moment: full of laughter. This request may seem commonplace, but it holds deeper meaning for Yuna, since when people die, she has to dance. As Tidus notes in the game, it won’t end until Sin is gone. Could you imagine death surrounding your everyday life, suffocating you with its dark grip? This moment encapsulates Yuna’s need for some happiness to drown out the heavy burden of her role.

Another standout moment from this scene features Wakka acknowledging how ridiculous both characters looked laughing up a storm when he says, “We were just worried you guys might have gone crazy!” The awkward laughs are meant to be comedic, but the scene also carries a deeper message about life and – more importantly – set the Tidus and Yuna romance ablaze. From here on out, the talks between the two would only get deeper as they fight against the tragic circumstances placed before them – together.