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Jeff Cork

Senior Editor

After graduating from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with degrees in journalism and criminal justice, Jeff Cork has worked in publishing for the past two decades. Aside from toiling away as a copy editor at several daily newspapers, his career highlights include writing copy for subscription-renewal cards and editing mainframe-server magazines. He also wrote for a Dreamcast site just before the dot-com bubble burst. (The guy who ran it still owes him $720.) His obsession with gaming began way before 9/9/99, starting the first time he played Laser Blast for the Atari 2600. Since then, Jeff has spent countless hours using his thumbs to maneuver images on television screens. When he's not playing games, Jeff can be found chasing after his two sons or pumping his fist in the air because he doesn't have to edit mainframe-server magazines anymore.


We Battle Lost Planet 2's Red Eye Boss

The salamander boss Capcom showed off during Lost Planet 2’s reveal was
huge, so it was understandable when we were told that it was one of the smaller bosses in the game...