Wii Fit Plus Review

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by Jeff Cork on Oct 27, 2009 at 10:23 AM
Reviewed on Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Rating Everyone

The signature balance board title, Wii Fit made players think about balance in new ways while nudging them toward healthier lifestyles. Those who made the game’s fitness activities part of an overall routine, however, quickly found exercises in frustration. The lack of any playlist functionality made it impossible to set up routines, so players found themselves taking breaks every two to three minutes to slog through yet another set of menus.

Nintendo clearly took those criticisms to heart, adding both canned and customizable routines to Wii Fit Plus, a pseudo-sequel that has the feel (and price point) more along the lines of a software update than a substantial new release. That’s not to say that it’s missing anything. Everything from Wii Fit is in Wii Fit Plus, along with a whole lot more.

Some of the additions are silly, like adding the ability to weigh babies or pets. Others, like a new food journal and the aforementioned routines, make strides toward helping users create new habits and stick with them. I enjoyed the new games, particularly the skateboarding activity. The balance board makes a great skateboard substitute, and gliding around an arena, grinding rails, hopping over obstacles, and skating up ramps is a lot of fun.

Ultimately, Wii Fit Plus is basically the same game, slightly expanded. If you liked the first game for a while but lost interest, it’s hard to say that this one will keep you coming back. If your idea of fitness centers more on losing weight than lowering an imaginary “fitness age,” there are other titles out there to help you meet those goals without making you flap madly like a chicken.


Get in shape via a slew of exercises and fitness minigames
Pleasant, but nothing that’ll inspire you to call your friends over
New age-y music and silly sound effects get the job done
Controls are easy to figure out, and there’s minimal configuration between each activity
Wii Fit Plus is essentially an expansion pack, but it’s a must-buy for people who liked the first one

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